Hi people, I am been driving my Smart Pure (original no mod) for about 5 weeks but yesterday was the firs time that I feel scare driving it on highway crosswind. I not sure how strong the crosswind was, but I drove this highway before at the same normal (65 MPH) and do not felt this way. The Smart start feeling like have no dead center steering wheel position. The small distance between front to rear wheels need a very careful crosswind correction when driving, but the main problem yesterday was the no dead center feeling on my hands. It was a bad time not for the cross wind itself but the no dead center feedback. I guess the car was floating or loosing down force into the wind and this cause the problem or the hot weather. Yesterday was a hot day here in Puerto Rico and this does not help neither. Fortunately I have no problem driving back at night the same highway to home. At night the Smart felt very well driving the same speed and more... ;).

After this, I want to start thinking more serious about lowering the center of gravity and use and aftermarket body kit that help with this. The main problem is that this info is not the strong selling point of body kits dealers and you usually have no idea when buying until you have it installed. OUCH :( . Any suggestion is welcome.

PS No alcohol on my blood... not a drinking driver.

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Comment by Robert Stout on June 14, 2010 at 6:28am
At 65 mph in a strong crosswind, the Smart tends to lean over...A driver misinterprets the lean as loosing track and over corrects...I'm not saying a strong crosswind can't force a Smart to lose direction, but the lean may exaggerate your response...
Comment by Emmanuel on June 12, 2010 at 3:06pm
The best way to have the car more stable is to have wider tires on the front. I have 195's on aftermarket rims on all wheels and the car is much more stable in cross-wind.
It makes a HUGE difference, added bonus is that the car is more comfortable due to the larger surface of the tires.

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