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i'd like to share my expeience with my dealings with Benzel Bush in englewood njmy expeience with this dealership has not been great since the first day i entered the showroom. but i will tell that story another day. about a month ago i was thinking of buying an extened warrentee. so called and talked to victor, he told me the price and that was fine victor is always very professional. a day later mike hill the gm texted me and said let me know if you want the extened warrentee. that's all fine and good. the problem is i called him over the next three weeks and left three messages for him to return my call. and he never returned any of my calls. even an e-mail went un answered.very professional for a gm don't you think. well as of today my warrentee is done, and two weeks ago i was driving my car, and i was stopped on a steep hill and needed to make a left turn. when traffic was clear i steped on the gas, and the motor raced but the car did not move. i put the car in park then back in gear. i alwasy drive in manual, then the car went foward in the last two weeks that has happened twice, so called benzel bush and made an appointment. i said i think i have tranny problems. i left the car and i called them back about 4 pm and frank scott "sevice advisor" told me the teck thought it was the clutch, said they have had problems with them in the past.and i would have to leave the car there for another day.so fine i did. the next day he calls and says smart car wanted them to do a coulpe of test and the car past well it is a smart car it should pass the test. lol then he said they had them do two more test, and the car passed. but he says the teck still thinks it's the clutch but smart car will not authorise any repair cause it passed the "tests" i said to frank scot the "sevice advisor" what happens in a week or two and this gets worse? his answere well did you buy the extened warrentee? i said no he then said "well then you don't have a warrentee" i told him put the car backtogether i'll be there to pick it up. when i got there they said here's your car. i said how about a reciet that you looked at it and they said "frank says you don't need any paper work" i said i do i want proff the car was brought in. after twenty min they gave me the paper work. when frank gave me the paper work he says, and this is killer" if the car gets worse, that's a good thing' cause then maybe i can call smart and maybe they will work something out how funny with only one day left on my warrentee that they could not find out was was wrong with my car, after having it for two whole days. so now i have a car with something wrong with it and neather benzel bush or smart car could car you don't need to read between the lines to see what is going on here.some may say i have an axe to grind, and i say i absoluly have an axe to gring and you would to if you were treated this way. next time i will tell you the story of the way i was treated when i was buying the car. buyer beware you can buy a smart in clark new jersey or in nyc but i would be very learing of spending my money with benzel bush league

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Comment by Richard Baker on July 15, 2010 at 9:28pm
I have to say that I drive and extra 80 miles to take my car to Hartford. The closer service center (Fairfield) does not, in my opinion, offer the service on the car, customer service (loaners etc) or is able to find the problems that have been solved in Hartford. Adding to that is the cost factor. Hartford is much cheaper. I will take my car to Fairfield for warranty work as I can keep taking it back to be fixed, but any work I have to pay for goes to Harford. I have over 23k miles so my warranty will be up soon
Comment by tommyk on July 7, 2010 at 10:22pm
got a call on julu 4th i was hiking on the appalatin trail. from the gm of smart englewood of nj. tom really want to take care of this............. lol only cause i put this on the web site............beware of benzel bush league cause they care only about themselves
Comment by tommyk on July 7, 2010 at 10:19pm
benzel bush league.......................
Comment by stu gomer on July 1, 2010 at 11:29am
My experience after 4 smarts is that MBZ dealers have no interest in dealing with smarts - many of them have given it up. I only deal with Penske related smart dealers as they are the USA sponser and care about customers and the life of their cars in the USA. Stu
Comment by BRUCE RALSTON on July 1, 2010 at 11:28am
Good luck to all Smart owners Iam sure their are some good stories of repairs.Waiting on refund of extended warr.
Comment by Robert Stout on July 1, 2010 at 8:55am
I bought an extended warranty (NOT from the dealer) through "Warranty Direct", because of the high price of parts...
Comment by BRUCE RALSTON on July 1, 2010 at 8:30am
Hi my story is about the same. My smart had a very bad rattle and that is putting it nicely. After 2 weeks at the dealer and NO help from smart and many parts removed and put back they said we can not find or fix your car. Keep in mind the car has 2246 miles on it and 3 months old. Called smart and no returned phone calls.Long story short sold car. P/S I think the rattle is in the saftey cell by the left door
Comment by tommyk on June 30, 2010 at 9:22pm
and one last comment on the second day i called mike hill the gm and said mike my car is in the shop this is the second day can you just check on it for me. he mr kennedy i will call right now and i will call your right back. and guess what he never called me back. in the past i have promoted the smart had mike and his people join us in a maywood july 4th parade. anytime i brought my car in for service i would always bring a box of donuts for the sales crew. bottom line they are a very unprofessional company. i'm sure a lot of you had a good experience and i have had some good experiences there but overall at the very least they are unprofessional and if they purposely didn't fix my car because they knew it was going out of warranty in a day? well you be the judge on that one

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