Space City Smarts July Event - St. Arnold's Brewery

So the event turn out to be a small one for a whole host of reasons but still it was fun. We met up at the brewery around 11:00am but for me it was more like 11:30 due to the I-10 road construction. 3 smarties showed up and unbeknownst to us, a fourth and new member who was attending for the first time. Sorry about that, but we got your note and we will contact you by email.

St. Arnold's opens at 11:00 but the tours begin at 12 noon, 1pm and 2pm. Many people brought lunch, chairs and even games to play to pass the time away till their tour came around. The brewery provided a magician to help entertain you as well. Admission was $7.00 per person and you recieved a small tasting glass and 4 tokens that could be redeemed at the bar for any flavor brew they had. For the non-drinkers there was their own brew of root beer and of course water. You could also move down the bar and buy t-shirts, souvinier mugs and soft pretzels if you wished.

Of course everyone forgot their cameras except for Gus and Hilda, thanks you for the pictures by the way. I stole these shots from their photo album and reposted them here albeit a little edited. Please look in the photos section for more shots of the brewery tour.

The tour was short but we learned that St. Arnold's is one of Texas' oldest little brewery. Little is classsified as brewing less than 2 million barrels a year; 1 barrel = 2 kegs, and that St. Arnold used to go around a preach the health benifits of drinking beer. See, back then they didn't separate the water and sewage systems and people would get sick from drinking the water whereas brewing beer actually boils the water which kills the bacteria. Yeah, the thought was disgusting to me too.

Anyway, since none of us brought our lunch, we caravaned to Star Pizza to share a couple of large deep dish pizzas. So it's around 1-2pm and here was are with 4-5 beers in us from the tour and what do we order? You guessed it, another pitcher of beer to go with the pizza! If you like pizza with flavor that really punches you in the tounge, try their garlic and spinach pizza, man that was good. With no extra people there, we tried to take a group photo but it's hard to do at arms length, good job though Gus, thanks again for the photos.

Jan sorry you were unable to make it but thanks for setting up the event. Michela(?) I hope I am spelling that right, we are sorry we missed you but please try to come out to the August event, we would love for you to join us.

The tasting glasses and some unused tokens.

It looks like beer thirty to me!

Can you read the brew name on the vat? IT"S ST. THOMAS! Yeah!

This is what drunk pictures look like. Gus needs to grow longer arms.

OK this has nothing to do with the brewery outting but I thought I would throw it in since there is only one picture. I took this during my trip to an interview in Austin, TX and a plane almost crashed into my parked Smartie. Man what incredible luck, it missed me by just a coouple of feet! HA! If you believe that I got a bridge to sell you. Drive Smart people!

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Comment by Wendy on August 12, 2010 at 3:42am
Wish I could have made the outing, but my days off got moved to Th/Fr, so that sorta screws everything up. I've had my Sparky about 14 months now and still love him to pieces. We even have another Smartie at the Police Department - black/black - but I don't know who drives him. He even copied my 'Actual Size' sticker, but had it in 2" letters instead of the 1" letters I have. (I did take a picture, but being computer semi-literate, can't figure out how to access it to send here.) One of the officers keeps telling me I drive half a car. At least now there's someone else at HPD who does too!
Comment by Velazquez, Hilda & Gustavo on July 28, 2010 at 10:11pm
Great blog Tommy! You never going to believe, same plane almost hit us on our way to the outlets.

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