EcoTek-1 The History of Ester based Fuel Additives

How can a Fuel Additive that actually works to deliver a minimum 240% (ROI), increases fuel economy and reduces emissions 77% actually be unheard of ???

The original ester based formulation was developed for the US military in 1944 by Morton Z. Fainman to allow Allied forces to effectively burn methanol when gasoline and diesel supplies were beginning to run low. The need for a conditioner was to provide additional lubricity to the new fuel because it was dryer and caused the engines to run to hot. The basic formulation was a success, yet after military operations ceased, the formulation was shelved for many years due to it not being cost effective given the low cost of the then plentiful fuel supplies.

In the mid 1980's Dr. Fainman turned again to his original formulation and began refining it and did patent it as D-1280X in the late 1980"s.

Dr. Fainman's fuel conditioner was picked up by a documentry film and marketing company called Omstar. The President of Omstar actually kicked Dr. Fainman out of his office when he was first approched., Once Dr. Fainman and Omstar worked out an agreement he was an active participant in the company until 1993 when Dr. Fainman passed away.

Since that time the product has been used around the world and tested over millions of miles, by a hodge podge of distributors and representatives with out much guidence or support from Omstar.

With the convergence of an energy crisis, alarming fuel price increases, and an environmental crisis, unprecedented global climate changes, product offering was 100% behind Omstar and was an Authorized Distributor of the original product D-1280X. GreenEcoTek has always been at the leading edge with immediate and capable proven solutions, D-1280X was the best at the time, but had been up changed or upgraded for 22 years.

In March of 2009 GreenEcoTek lost it's authorized distribution rights to D-1280X mainly because of mixed test results with customers and lack of support from the supplier. GreenEcoTek had to come up with a dramatic and proven solution in order to continue it's vision of offering cutting edge pollution redution products. After much research and discussion GreenEcoTek was introduced to the leading manufacturer of ester based fuel and oil additives in the United States and secured the sole rights to market and distribute EcoTek-1 Industrial, Advanced Fuel Conditioners and ET-50 Advanced Lubrication Oil Conditioners.

The chemist and the blender behind GreenEcoTek products is a 2 time award winner and recipient of the EPA’s 2007 and 2008 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award in sustainability, the chemist is a highly accomplished research and development scientist who has been in the dietary supplement, functional beverage and cosmetic manufacturing business for over 30 years. He has formulated and manufactured numerous products for companies including Revlon, Smith-Kline Beecham, W.D. Disney Products, Redmond Products, Rexall Sundown, Hawaiian Tropic, Banana Boat, Playboy, Baywatch, Estee Lauder, Mannatech, EAS, NV Perricone, Amerifit Twin Labs, Schiff and Upjohn.

GreenEcoTek blender has performed numerous research projects for both private sector and governmental organizations. Among other accomplishments, Our Chemist - Manufacturer / Blender holds numerous patents. He has studied at M.I.T., Wentworth College and Clayton College of Natural Health and currently holds three PHD’s in chemical, materials and nutritional, science.

A total commitment to quality and Good Manufacturing Practices is paramount in the corporate mission of Our Chemist - Manufacturer / Blender’s ALST Manufacturing and Blending facilities. and its affiliate companies. This means safe, clean products guaranteed to meet all label claims. We are a business that has been built on customer service. Our ability to meet the varying needs and requirements of our diverse clientele has allowed us to service the needs of customers, both large and small.

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Comment by Eliyahu on December 3, 2009 at 12:24pm
I tried this product, and I absolutely LOVE it!!! It makes my car run smooth, and quick. I also gave some to my friend in Denmark, and this is what he said after he got 21% savings:

I own a Mercedes 190, 2,0 (gasoline), 1990, driven 355.000 km. It was
running very poorly and my mechanic has never been able to find the cause.
The engine was noisy and could not maintain the revolution. It was that bad
that my fiancée no longer would run the car, because she had no idea of how
much longer it would run. I added EcoTek-1 Combustion Chamber Catalyst in
the first tank and after 120 km the engine was running smoothly like
clockwork. I saved in addition 12% and am now saving 21%. Before I started
with the EcoTek-1 I had the exhaust measured in a test centre and following
after running 2 tanks. It was evident to him that I was saving fuel. Now he is
also using the EcoTek-1 Combustion Chamber Catalyst.
Comment by on September 1, 2009 at 6:36pm
Take the EcoTek-1 Challenge!

Tell you what; You buy an 8 ounce bottle of EcoTek-1 for $20. Put this in the crappiest, worst running car, truck, mower, scooter, tractor, any engine you've got, and if you don't hear it running better, smoother, cleaner with less smoke and getting a minimum 5 - 10% increase in fuel economy well gladly refund your money. Look at the ROI for just (1) eight ounce bottle, before you dismiss it, I dare you to take the challenge and prove us wrong. Put your money where your mouth is, we are!

1 8oz bottle treats 160 gallons of fuel

160 gallons of fuel @ $3.00 a gallon = $480.

A 10% increase in fuel economy = $48.
An 8 oz bottle $20. - $48. = $28.

That is a 240% Return on your $20. Investment in EcoTek-1

This is a conservative ROI; most of our customers see much better results! or call 865-366-0136 ask for Ben
Comment by Foothill on August 10, 2008 at 8:57am
send all the site members a free sample and we'll get back to you with the results

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