Just a few weeks ago I have added my first accessory to my vehicle. I decided to buy the divider for the Passion. At 1st, I thought it would be easy to install. As I open the box and begin to work on it, I realized this was not for a small city mechanic to do.

It required for you to remove all the panels from the rear roof of the vehicle. Then you have to use a template to position the holes for where you have to install the brackets. After installing the brackets, you must make sure you cut holes in your rear roof panel for the brackets can extend outside the rear roof panels.

After looking at this, I decided to speak to the dealership about this job. So on Saturday, I arrange to have a meeting with the service manager.

When I explained to the Service Manager my idea to install it myself, he responded that a number of people thought the same thing I did. He said if you have a divider for the convertible, it does not require any assistance, because it just attaches around the roll bar. The service manager said the Passion or Pure is not very easy because when you remove the rear roof panels, there are some structural members (i.e. STEEL!!!), which are in the way. Plus he said it took him a while before he could figure out how to do it better. After hearing that, I said to me, "It is yours to work on!!!"

So I allow the dealership to work on this item for me. I can tell you, it will cost you at least $80.00 dollars for them to complete the work. So with the divider at $249, it only cost a grand total of $329 dollars.

Now my Smart Car "SmartSmoothie" has the rear area separated from the front. The divider has helped me because I am not worry about my stuff moving around in the rear getting in the front. Plus as a added bonus, it keeps my small dog from jumping in my lap while I am DRIVING!!! (Bad Dog!)

I have looked at other people's accessories. I wonder are those accessory good for enough for my SmartSmoothie. Right now, I am looking to added more accessory to my vehicle. So if you are big on accessories, tell me what you got. Please let me know if it a Smart Genuine Product or aftermarket.

Plus, tell me how you would rate it from 1 to 5.
Also, let me know how much use you got out of it.
Lastly, if you had to do it again would you buy it.

If you know how to attach pictures, go ahead it good for everyone to see...

I would like know if you are an

Accessory King!!!

JL Reese

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Comment by Lance Haugen on July 5, 2008 at 9:08pm
Yes for accessories! I love options. I know of color matching brake calipers/drums. Replacement racing style brake rotors Replacing the rear-lower valance with the (maybe dual) exhaust tips in the middle of it, rather than under the right side rear. Driver seat arm rest. (There is a cruise control aftermarket comany, however, the Smart/Mercedes techs don't advise doing this option.) I saw a fake wind-up key in the back of a Smart car, too. Have fun adding options...just like adding on to a lego-car!

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