I've had so many people ask me to keep them updated on how things are going with my smart fortwo. It's great that we have this site now and I can post a blog for them to check out when they like.

I've had my car for three months now and just turned over 6600 miles today. I've taken it on road trips and commuted with it every day. As an engineering consultant, I work out of the client's office most of the week, so 4 days a week I have a 10 mile commute to the client and on Friday's I travel roughly 60 miles to my office. I have almost always found the ride to be comfortable. Only once were the winds so strong that I had to work hard to keep the car in the lane on the highway.

I love being a little higher than the sedans on the road. I never feel like I'm driving a small car. Like others have posted, I get a lot of attention on the road and driving around town. I carry a supply of sales brochures with me to hand out (hmmm... I need to restock soon). Most of the reactions are positive: people who give me the "thumbs up" or smile. Some people just look stunned and puzzled. And a minority make fun of my car. They ask me things like "do you have to pull a cord to start 'er up?" But the majority are curious and ask questions which I'm usually happy to answer.

The question that I'm asked most often is "what are you getting for gas mileage?" The second most asked question is "that's electric, isn't it?" On average, I've been getting 36 or 37 miles to the gallon. The lowest tank was 30 mpg, when I drove to Vermont and down shifted the transmission to maintain speed going up the New Hampshire hills on the highway. The best tank was 42mpg when I took a couple of trips to Massachusetts and kept my speed below 60 the entire time. I plan on putting together a spreadsheet to calculate the savings over my 2003 Subaru WRX Wagon soon.

To wrap up, just let me say that I love my smart!! I love putting the top down and driving with the wind in my hair. I have fun waving at the little kids sitting in the back of SUVs staring at me as we drive down the highway. But the most fun is watching the puzzled look of someone who's mind is being blown and re-thinking what is important when choosing a car.

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