Neighbor recognized the car and not me!

Last night we went to dinner with some friends. These friends happened to have tickets to the Rangers baseball game. We met for dinner at Mercado Juarez near the ballpark. Since he had a parking pass I was going to leave my car at the restaurant and we were going to ride to the stadium with them. Of course the restaurant had up a "Towing Enforced" sign.

Then I saw a familiar face. Looked like the neighbor across the street in front of our house. Though I've only met him once. I see his kids often outside playing with their dog. Sometimes they bring their dog over to my yard to play with my dog. He's the manager there it turns out. So when I said something to our server he went to ask the manager. Of course the manager didn't really know me but said he see's my little smart car every day. The good news is that they let Blue Belle stay there while we went to the game and they'd kind of keep an eye on her.

What seats we had!! 10th row behind the Rangers dugout. Here's a shot of what our view looked like with my camera phone. I'd of taken the good camera had I known we had such great seats!

And why yes. That red arrow is pointing to Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Looks like she was there with her husband and the two children they adopted.

We left the game a little early in the 7th inning. It was 2 to 0 Rangers. Going out to the parking lot it went to 3 to 0. Got to the parking lot where my lil Blue Belle was waiting and turned on the game and listened to it on the way home. Yep. Had her radio tuned to the AM band. Doesn't happen often. Picked up the game without any problems though. Rangers won over Tampa Bay 3 to 0.

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Comment by angel on August 18, 2008 at 12:32am
Seems tommyk is jealous.
It's like this. There are corporate sponsors of teams. They get allocated so many tickets per season / game. Many times these corporate sponsors give the tickets to employees, family and friends. I've offered to pay for the tickets. For example our tickets this time came from a Miller Beer distributor. The distributor gave the tickets to a Miller employee. The man person retired from Miller after 26 years. The employee who got the ticket and his wife are friends with the man person and myself. They didn't pay for the tickets. They didn't pay for the parking. We paid for a round of beer. Of course, that would really be none of your business. But since your brought it up I felt compelled to respond. So does this mean you're going to harass me on all my posts? Can't call me names enough one one or two and on my main page?
Comment by angel on August 17, 2008 at 9:35pm
I've been twice to see the Rangers since living here in TX. First time I had nose bleed section. Literally. The upper most section of the stadium. But they were free tickets so I wasn't complaining. This time was free too but they were great seats!! Got to see the Cowboys once from a suite. Going to see the Green Bay Packers next week. :D
Comment by Steven C. on August 17, 2008 at 9:15pm
Wow what great seats, and your team won! I live in the Cincinnati area, and man, do they spoil a good time at the park. And every time I go, I have to take napkins from the concession, for the nose-bleed seats that I get...

By the way, good story.

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