I called twice and both times they say your approximate wait time is 5 minutes and then you are instantaneously connected to a rep when you wait 5 more seconds. Then wait, you ask the rep for your delivery date, they say they cannot tell you that! Then you ask...can you get a very approximate date since I have already configured the car? Cannot help there either!
But this gets better...you tell them "Well, a lot of folks will be inclined to cancel if they cannot even get an approximate date"...the answer..."Give me your drivers license number and I will cancel your reservation right now!"
Now that is a well trained rep who is determined to reduce the queue of waiting customers! I asked for a manager who was much more helpful.

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Comment by Nick on August 20, 2008 at 6:12pm
*sigh* what a douche how about commenting on the smart and smart related things not a nother member of this site i know its soo much more fun and productive to joine a sight about a certain thing and not talk about it at all but please at least he is talking about the car and the companies reps. and all i hear from you guys is WHAAAAAA llb bla bla bla WHAAAAAAAA cry me a river. freeking grow up if you do not like him or what he says ignor it its easy u simply see thex with his name on it and skip it. get over it and your guys lame grade school bs lets pick on him till he leaves garbage
Comment by Bill Hare on August 20, 2008 at 3:18pm
Hey LeLapinBlanc,
Your wasting time weighing in on this one! Lets hear how this is part of the "GREAT ORPHAN CONSPIRACY" by Josh and Marissa in St. Louis.
Maybe you need to send Mr. Capps another letter! By the way, do you have your smart yet?

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