As I was waiting at the car-wash the other day and silently contemplating in my mind that I had to pay the same to get my smart washed while there clearly is only about half as much car to clean I also remembered my first attempt driving through an automated carwash where the rear barely got hit by water and the passenger side was pretty far away from the nozzles while the poor computer was re-calibrating every few seconds. Now: The 60 second dryer worked wonderfully (I didn't even need the whole 60 seconds) :-). Any thoughts on getting our smarts cleaned appropriately other than DIY?

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Comment by DLP on August 24, 2008 at 9:37pm
Actually, I had been wondering about the car wash. I have the convertible and I did not know if #1- it would even work in the car wash since it is so small and #2 - how you wash a convertible. Going through the car wash and getting all those waxes and cleaners on the cloth top can't be good. Ideas?
Comment by toes on August 23, 2008 at 11:44am
Thank you for everyone's comments.

cathy J.: my life is pretty hectic, but if I really enjoyed washing my car I would probably make time (instead of blogging for example :-)). I don't have a garage and now three cars, so it gets to be a lot of work. Also: Living in Colorado the Winter demands frequent washes (mag chloride on the roads) and when it is cold outside it is just easier to drive through an automated wash. Finally: I
I do occasionally go to a selfwash station. I am not a fan of using a garden hose at my house, it is not very environmentally conscious with automated carwashes using contained systems and recycling their water I feel better (living in a drought prone area).

delaney: I love your story. I also hardly ever carry cash, but at the full-service place i went to on Thursday night the workers were definitely having a blast and they seemed to know or figure out quickly how to open the rear hatch on the smart, etc.

Brent: I think your tip is very useful, I probably will get a little kit to accompany my emergency kit and tools in the tailgate. I guess black wasn't the greatest color choice, a duster would come in handy.
Comment by Brent School on August 23, 2008 at 9:01am
The California Duster is a great little item to put in the tailgate storage area and it really does a great job between washes. Those Armorall wet wipes would fit in there too, for quick cleaning of any part of the car, they have a kit of three with glass, upholstery and rubber or plastic cleaner. I am going to try to wash at home if my hose will reach, it shouldn't take much over 10 or 15 minutes to do a good job.
Comment by delaney on August 23, 2008 at 7:07am
I've thought about doing it myself. It's 1/2 the car, as you said, so it shouldn't take that long. There's nothing better than sitting in the car while it's being washed, but if you're paying $6 or more and you don't know if the car's going to be clean, what other option is there?
Here's a funny for ya: I was stopping at a red light on a busy st, and a girl holding a "car wash" sign followed me to the light, all the time shaking the sign at me, then stood there smiling at me. I know she wanted to see what it was like to wash a smart, and unfortunately I didn't have the cash. It sure would have been fun to let her wash it!
Comment by tommyk on August 22, 2008 at 11:23pm
yeah i take mine to a place that does a hand wash. it cost 8 bucks and they do a great job. i don't trust the automated car washes herd to many horror stories of smarts getting damaged. i'm sure if you look around you could find a place that hand washes

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