Thanks for your comments, fellow enthusiasts. I wish I could believe that smart was really worried about lost sales. If production simply cannot meet demand, for whatever reason, the lengthy queue proves that they don't have to worry about selling every unit they can produce.

If we take the wait as an opportunity to make even smarter choices, then we have served ourselves and each other well indeed. I think manufacturers finally got the message - anything under 30 mpg is no longer acceptable as "good mileage." Hybrid or other-fueled vehicles are going to be even more in demand. I for one am tired of lining the pockets of petroleum executives and their bought political enablers. So even if I do buy a plain old traditional gas-consuming car like the smart, I am going farther for less, which is the whole idea.

I'm afraid that if gas prices go back down here in the US, the selectively blind, deaf and memory-challenged citizenry of this peculiar land will forget that message. We are paying now what Europe was paying a decade ago. Welcome to world-citizenry, Americans. It's way past time to pay our way.

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