Help! I am only getting, at best, 28 mpg. I do most of my travel in city but I keep reading that many of you are getting close to 40 mpg and many of you in a variety of conditions. I have gone without AC, aired the tires, tried both using automatic and manual, use premium gas I just can't even get it to 30. Any other ideas or thoughts would be greatly appreciated? Even with this gas mileage I still love my car.

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Comment by Zoraida Rosado on September 29, 2008 at 10:15pm
Hi Deb: God knows that I am no MPG genious. I do however get great milage. I just broke the 3,000 miles on the gauge. Like Angel, I drive the speed limit on the highway or 5 miles above. I use the automatic versus the manual. I drive my car r/t to work each day, and very little local driving. I do get great milage. I come to a stop sign slowly and never gun the motor. I fill my tank up about every two weeks when the tank is half full. I fill up more oftn when I do alot of lcal driving. My monthly gas usage is about $35.00? I'm paying $3.99.9 cents a gallon now. (premium)
Comment by angel on September 28, 2008 at 11:20pm
A. I generally drive the speed limit.
B. I don't speed up {or maintain speed} just to get to stop signal or sign. Gradually slow down to a stop.
C. I don't gun it and try to be the first off of the line.
D. I generally keep my rpm's under 3,000.
E. I mostly use Top Tier Gasoline.
F. Usually I get better mpg with automatic vs. manual.
G. Keep tires inflated. Keep extra weight out of car. Keep car {mostly} clean.
H. Mileage has improved since engine break in and gradually gets better.
Comment by Wayne on September 28, 2008 at 8:41pm
I'm at 8,000 miles now, and consistently get 40-42 mpg, mainly around town mileage, with a 26 mile round trip on the interstate 2-3 times a week. Still haven't modified anything on my car yet, but I'm very open minded to trying the K&N/Thorley combo at some time in the near future.
Comment by Foy on September 28, 2008 at 6:19pm
well thats about right i went from breeze wood pa to viriginia beach on 1 tank of gas and still had 1/8 left thats about 320 miles. thats the low 40s totally stock car and i was mainly doing 60-75. only had 1200 or so miles on car. i did notice a boost in mpg with the kn air filter and thorley exhaust
Comment by tommyk on September 28, 2008 at 5:56pm
not for nothing but anyone saying they are getting over 44 mpg are full of crap it aint happening they either do not no how to check mpg or they are not telling the truth. i average 38 mpg city and highway i drove from nyc to cape may nj at 60 miles pre hour and got 41 mpg that was the best and i'm happy with that
Comment by Rita "smartmom" on September 28, 2008 at 4:00pm
I was getting 32 or 33 mpg but now get around 35 or 36 now that I have about 3000 miles on it. I drive fast, but in "manual" and put it in neutral at lights. I've also been using the A/C so that would be a load as well. You didn't say how many miles you have on it Deb, but it will probably improve.

My driving is almost all city driving, but I'm going to Vegas in a few weeks. My 17mpg van got 24 mpg last time I drove it - can't wait to see how my smartie does!!
Comment by toes on September 28, 2008 at 2:12pm
I just passed 2k miles and am getting an average of 38 mpg, but I have gotten close to 42 mpg on the highway (once) and I drive quite briskly.

That said: the first refill I took (about half tank) averaged out to only 28 mpg and
I was pretty disappointed. I did add an aftermarket exhaust for a little more oomph.

Generally I do drive predominantely on the highway. I scooter (50cc) for my commute (3 miles) most of the time. If you are significantly past break-in period 1k-2k you should get the car checked (28mpg seems low). t.
Comment by IcePlanet on September 28, 2008 at 12:48pm
On average I get about 28-31 MPG per tank with over 2000 miles on my Smart. I drive stop and go traffic lights (8 of them) at a max of 45 MPH and an average speed of 20 MPH to work and back everyday (4.5 miles one way). When I get on the highway I get about 38-40 MPG. I have never gotten anything above 41 MPG on a trip. I have a ScanGage so I can see my MPG as I drive and it can calculate MPG per trip, day or tank. I have no idea how other people are getting 40 MPG around town. Driving like a grandma or driving aggressively doesn't make a big difference in MPG. May be about 2-3 MPG per tank at most in my testing. I don't mind paying a little more in gas to have fun driving.
Comment by Brent School on September 28, 2008 at 9:35am
Hi Deb:

I broke my smart in easy, but I think it is important to get it out on the freeway from time to time to really seat the pistons. Give you car a dose of every kind of driving, for moderate distances at the beginning. I drive mostly around town with 35-45 mph streets, and I am getting from 41 to 45 now that I have almost 3000 miles on it.
Comment by Wally Gullang on September 28, 2008 at 8:35am
Deb, a lot depends on how you drive. In Orange county there are hill's that can lower the milage. Do you start out fast? I have not received my Smart yet and drive a toyota highlander. I can usually get around 28 - 30. I am a conservitive driver. I come to a stop light and I will take it out of gear. All little things help

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