Wow! What a difference, I think I will crack 50mpg and what fun!!!

My smart has been averaging 41 to 45 mpg since I got it in August. Not that it is all that important to me anymore, I am totally sold on my smart for a multitude of reasons. I am now about to hit 3,000 miles, and the price of gas is starting to come down. From the beginning I have been filling it with 91 Octane, which is the highest our local Speedway stations carry.

Lately, a Sunoco station next to the office complex where I work has been posting much lower gas prices than the ones in town. It hit 3.44 for regular yesterday, and is 3.42 this morning. I filled it up there last night and noticed they have 91, 93 and 94 octane choices available. I couldn't see the price, except the 91 was on the sign for .10 cents more than regular. I decided since it was so low, and I have never paid more than 37.42 to fill up back when fuel was over 4.00, to go with the 93 octane which turned out to be 3.809 per gallon. It was a 7.153 gallon fill up for 27.25.

I ran my last two tanks for mileage, and I had been getting 42 to 48 miles per gallon! This morning when I got in my car to come to work, I have a huge, noticeable improvement in response and get up and go. What a difference even on the first 16 miles on this tank. It would have cost about 25.00 to buy the 91 octane yesterday, or around 23.00 for regular. It is sooooo worth the extra couple of dollars to get the higher octane. The shifting has been nice all along after the first week, the computer has a great pattern for the way I drive, but now it is even smoother and the car just wants to fly compared to before. I can't wait to give it the 94 octane. I will be watching to see if I get over the 50 mpg with this tank.

I was advised by my smart specialist to try to get my fuel at the same station as much as possible as different companies put different additives in their fuel. I will be switching to Sunoco for the higher octane. It really does make a tremendous difference you can feel right off the bat. That's what it feels like this morning... getting hit in the rear by a bat when I take off from the stoplight. I really like the feeling of being pushed from behind and now it is so much smoother when it shifts. You can actually hear a happier purr from the engine too.

Try it out, see for yourself. I had no idea it would make such a difference. I have heard of folks getting better than 50 mpg and I had wondered if I might ever see that. Now I think I actually will, and driving will be even more pleasurable while I do it. I do not drive just one way all the time, sometimes I am gentle, other times ( more often than not ) I love to zip around and do all those little things that only a tiny car can do, like buzz around traffic obstacles and come to a stop in just 15 feet, you know what I mean... it's a different world on the road with a smart. I keep discovering new abilities I never thought about before, the most fun seems to be in parking situations which surprise everyone and bring smiles.

Again, I don't really care all that much about all this because the best thing about the smart to me is the carbon footprint size. I am using less and polluting the least.

I hope everyone finds similar results as I have been. You smart is more than just another car.... it really does have extraordinary abilities.

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Comment by Mike Smith on October 2, 2008 at 6:24pm
Hey Brent
My first highway trip I got over 140 miles to the gallon.
I was very happy. But since then I'm only getting about 43mpg.
I guess I should have never taken it off that trailer.
Having Fun

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