So back in April {on the 20th to be exact} I adopted my Blue Belle. Belle has been a lil gem. I like to think of her as my lil sapphire. ~soft smiles~

Last month we got a call from our local dealership ... the 30 day call. ~stiffeled giggles~ Already they called to move the delivery date. For those who don't know .... The 30 day window of pick up starts from the call NOT from delivery at the dealership.

So I have the orphan. Part of me would LOVE to have the one I configured. But I didn't configure the pods. Plus I have cloth seats and not leather. I also don't have the big hockey puck on my windshield on there for the rain sensor wipers.

Belle and the one I ordered are blue/black. Though I did order the black leather convenience package. I have most of the leather package conveniences w/o the leather. Probably a plus for the Texas summer heat. ~big grins~

I luv my Belle. I've decided to keep her. But the one we ordered and configured will stay in the family. The man persons brother will adopt the one I configured. Don't think that makes her an orphan exactly. Hopefully he'll give her a respectful name. I like the name Sapphire. Just hope she ends up with a respectful southern name. ~smiles~

The man person {i'd say significant other but folks would think it's a same sex relationship but we ain't married after 8 years} was the one that put in the original reservation. He won't get either. Sad but true. We use mine for most of our in town trips and out of town trips together. And his brother will get the one *I* configured. At least it stays in the family.

On a side note I saw my first local smart Friday night here in Arlington. It was downtown.

I'm still counting down to the arrival of my configured car. But happy to keep my lil Blue Belle.

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Comment by angel on October 15, 2008 at 12:14am
I'd of probably been beside myself by now if I was still waiting.
Nancy and Gary,
LOVE the lil purple one. Reminds me of Barney the purple dinosaur.
Judy, True on the irony.
Comment by Judy on October 14, 2008 at 7:42pm
Congrats! What an irony.
Comment by Nancy & Gary on October 14, 2008 at 6:32pm
Hi Angel,
Haven't talk to you in awhile. I loved your blog about getting the call. I think you have seen the picture I posted of my purple passion. I got tired of the wait and the missing DDE so when I got this chance ( after several calls to the dealer) for the orphan I jumped at it and we are still smiling. Have only had her for 2 1/2 days now and the experience we have is just so much fun. Can't miss seeing me coming in this little thing. I get a lot of smiles and thumbs up when people stop next to me.
I looked a little while ago at my DDE and this is the first time I have had dates. It has been missing for 2 weeks. Seemed to have lost a few months. Oh well! I love my orphan also. I do plan on going to see the one I ordered when ever it comes in. Later, Nancy
Comment by Mike Knotts on October 14, 2008 at 1:19am
I also adopted as did my wife. I did go visit my configured car when it came in. I took a few pictures and officially declined to take it in person. Not hard to do since I love my smart and it had everything my configured smart had except power steering. I'm really glad I got the orphan, the wait was killing me.

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