I Can't Believe It .... {another mpg post}

Ever been one of those folks on a forum hearing how folks are getting great mpg but for the life of you .... you can't manage to get near the top folks? I'm usually the one scratching my head and beating the keyboard screaming and muttering about my mpg in comparison.

I have to admit there have been a few times I worried about Belle.

I have tracked each and every single solitary fillup. Every drop. Every penny. I keep an Excel file on my computer. It's got the formula's in there already {someone set it up for me} so all I have to do is punch in the information. I'm also keeping it online too at MyCarProjects.net too.

Minimum MPG 27.941 -> I got worried
Maximum MPG 48.39 -> I got excited
Average MPG 39.247 -> Been gradually improving and I'm happy.

Okay, so my MAX. It wasn't easy. I kept my speed at or under 55 mph. Slow and easy accelerations. Like big truck 18 wheeler people cutting in front of me never can drive in the fast lane slow. I had almost all trips from home to the V.A. in Dallas and back w/o rush hourS. I got up and left 30 minutes early to avoid the congestion. No one else in the car. No shopping. Not something I'd be able to do often if ever again. It was more than a test of Blue Belle, it was a test of my patience. Probably tested the patience of some of those around me too.

Not sure how much longer I'll keep tracking each and every tank.

Either way, she's just so darn fun to drive. I love getting great mpg as much as the next person. I also love driving like it's rented with insurance. And I love that she makes others smile ... and that helps keep me smiling.

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Comment by Steve Johnson on October 15, 2008 at 9:27am

We just returned from a fall drive. 60 to 75 MPH and we got over 50 MPG. This is after break-in of 3,000 miles. This is about average for us with all highway driving with windows up (less drag).
Comment by Emilio on October 15, 2008 at 4:04am
Hi Angel,

Actually, your experience with miles per gallon seems typical. I am getting similar results. I did not get quite the same extrmes that you have, but my average is about the same. My own results are:

Minimum MPG = 30.2
Maximum MPG = 43.0
Average MPG = 39.5

I am rounding things off a bit. Not quite as precise as you.

I heard from another Smart car owner that he got 48 mpg, but that was on a special test drive, where he filled up near the freeway, then drove it gingerly on a 100 miles round trip consisting of nothing butt freeway, and maintaining a steady speed. That seems similar to what you did to get up to 48.

I also noticed a difference in MPG values depending on what kind of gas I put in. I filled it up with regular gas a couple of times (by accident), and my mileage went down. So, now I am tempted to pour some octane booster into the gas tank. It might help, since this car was designed to run on European gas, which has an octane value of up to 98, which is much higher than what we can get in the United States (which is usually about 92 maximum).

By the way, it's interesting that you gave the car a female name. My own Smart car is "Zippy" - a male.

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