So the car I configured is coming in soon. And I'm trying to rack my brain about key points I should mention. I figure my post way back when about "Smart Car Dumb Questions" would be a good start. I'm starting this blog post to get a list for him based on my experiences. {And others experiences if anyone cares to chime in.} He's in a small town in the middle of Louisiana and there's only one other one that he knows of near him. So he'll still get lots of attention.

I'm in Dallas/Fort Worth but still have to take extra time for my errands. Plan ahead. People will want to ask you lots of questions and see your car. Prepare to release your inner extrovert.

Know your facts. With all the people wanting to see it they will ask you everything from engine size to tire size, dimensions to price. A printed information sheet in the windshield can help those looking while you aren't there and maybe keep some from waiting till you get out of where you are and back to the parking lot.

There are those drivers who have the cruise control set to a speed limit until they see a little bitty car passing them. Then they'll speed up. Some can't stand the thought of a smart passing them I guess.

Don't be afraid at a stop sign when someone comes running up to you. It could be a traffic signal or neighborhood cross road. I've had more than once people chase me down and get out in the middle of the road to see my car.

May as well keep a microfiber towel in the car. I still come out and have fingerprints everywhere from lookie-loo's.

Watch out for people that might try to take your picture while doing 80 mph down the highway. They'll start to veer towards you w/o realizing it.

Look around. Most people passing are looking at you. So there won't be anonymous picking your nose or anything you don't want others to see while you're driving. Many wave, give thumbs up or peace signs. Some just stare and look away when they see you look at them.

I know there's more. Hope I can get some input.

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Comment by angel on October 21, 2008 at 12:44am
No. The dealership is in Dallas, TX. He lives in a small town in the middle of Louisiana. ... the person who will own the smart.
Comment by angel on October 18, 2008 at 12:06pm
That's true Rmichael! Been having to do that myself.
Comment by Rmichael on October 18, 2008 at 10:59am
Be careful where you park. The smart is short enough that sometimes it can't be seen by other cars trying to pull into your parking spot. Park halfway in a spot when the parking lot is full, say at a grocery store, so people won't rear end you when pulling in to a spot they thought was open.

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