Well it's been about 2 weeks since I've had my '4Two' and have been very impressed with it - My first tank of gas was a fill-up of 6gals and 32 miles per - Not bad considering the engine is breaking in and I drive it like a Ferrari.

Decided to take it up to the mountains this weekend for a little color drive – Being a Cab it’s one of the things we were wanting to do – Top down and looking up and seeing all the great color and breathing the mountain air – I’m still on my second tank of gas with 178 miles on this tank and only ¾’s of the way thru it - I know this tank did a much better job on miles per – Considering driving up Interstate 80 and doing about 75 mph and loaded down besides an elevation change from sea-level to 3500 ft - I think I’m going to be blown away with gas mileage!

Will let you know how the drive goes today with going up over the mountains (elevation of 6000) and gas mileage.

On another topic is towing – Stopped at Camping World on the way up and ordered the Tow-bar so we can do a camping trip verses just day runs – The guys at Camping World are awesome – So in about 2 wks we’ll have ‘4Two’ set-up and in 3 wks going on our first RV road trip with the Smart in tow!

Our drive yesterday was great but long! We did about 250 miles and my butt had enough - So if we plan on any long distance driving, 200 miles is the max I could do - We did stop a number of times, but those seats just don't seem to support the rear end much - Need to fill up today, so I can check mileage but just looking at the gas gage and trip o - I think we averaged around 40 miles!! Not bad considering we went from 3500 down to 2000 and all the way back up to 6700 and back to 3500 feet.

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