I am a Massage Therapist that travels to all my clients locations and even though my table folds up I still have one of the largest on the market.

I was worried that it would not fit in the Smart, but after going to Birmingham, AL and with the kindness of their staff I was able to try to get my table in the car!

Its a tight fit and if I was any taller I would not be able to drive with it in there, but it works for me!

Another reason why this is the perfect car for me!

For those of you that have yours enjoy!

Those that are waiting! Good things are worth waiting for!

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Comment by Steve on November 13, 2008 at 2:41am
I too am a Massage Therapist. I was worried about the same thing when I started looking into the smart. When the Cross-Country Road Show came to Utah and I was standing in line, waiting my turn for a test drive, another therapist, with the help of the staff, helped her get her massage table into the smart. It was there that I knew that this car was for me and was as big of a car that I needed. If I can get my table in it, it will suit me just fine. I too have a large table, Oakworks, and it is a tight squeeze, but it fits and that's was counts.

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