I’ve seen a few posts by folks either suggesting that the Smart’s heater wasn’t up to the task or expressing concern that it wouldn’t be. We’ve now had some single digit temperatures here in the Chicagoland area, and I can report that I’ve had no problems getting the Smart’s interior warm and fuzzy in relatively short order. I have to admit that the average Mercedes can heat up its passengers faster (I used to kid that I rented out my CLK to glass blowers and blacksmiths on weekends for extra revenue... I could easily put the top down in mid-40s temperatures and the heater would keep me nice and toasty), but the Smart’s system is more than serviceable. While I’m on the subject of top down driving, I must concur with some other bloggers that putting the Smart’s cabriolet top all the way down results in less air movement inside the car than leaving the back window up.

And the car still makes me smile! I’ve been driving it almost a month now, and I still look forward to driving it places. Anywhere, in fact. Any excuse. And the paddle shifters are a complete kick in the pants! (So much for trying to get the maximum fuel economy... this is just too fun!).

So if you’re wavering, don’t. If you’re considering, do. And if you’re one of the converted... isn’t life great?

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Comment by Wally Gullang on December 8, 2008 at 3:01pm
Alan it sounds like your having a blast. Good for you. When and if I ever get mine, I hope to have just as much fun. Right now I'm still looking at Aug.09...

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