I am curious is anyone has located anyone selling the "dust protectors" for the smart wheels. I worked on Mercedes Benz for a number of years and this was a VERY popular addition to keep the brake dust from staining the aluminum wheels. I believe, if someone produces these, they could be used on the front to keep the dust of the wheels, like intended and on the rear to cover the brake drum. The rear would be strictly cosmetic. If no one produces these commercially I may have to just make my own, I guess.

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Comment by JIM AND JACKIE LINTON on December 22, 2008 at 12:10pm
I am aware of a little more pad wear. When I was working on Mercedes Benz the customers were willing to pay for pads more often than pay to replace wheels costing, depending on the wheel, up to $500 each. On the Mercedes, you had disc brakes on all 4 wheels so that would multiply the problem. Most of the braking was on the front weels so they wore the most. We would always replace the "factory" pads with better material and offset the problem, but not prevent it. There are also pads made of a material that does not put out the dust that appears on the wheels. These pads had a retail price MORE than the shields, however. I do not know if these are available for the smart either. I can live with premature wear, NOT the dust. I also located a site that has the shields at a much better price. They sell a set of 4 for $69.99 plus freight. This way I can cover the brake drum on the rear and all four wheels will look the same. They also offer these in colors. Their website is www.Autogeek.net check them out if you are interested in the shields.
Comment by JIM AND JACKIE LINTON on December 21, 2008 at 10:25am
Good Morning....Thanks for the info. Clean Wheels was the same company that produced them for the MB, but when I ask, I apparently did not get good info. I wll check their website and get some ordered. I appreciate the reply and help.
Comment by grwhitaker on December 21, 2008 at 10:22am
Good morning J&J-check out the AutoSport.com website-

Kleen Wheels for 2008/2009 smart fortwo- items 92018 set of 2 or 92019 set of 4 - custom fit

and no, I have no connection to this company.


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