We have a Passion Coupe ordered sinse summer of 2007. And some how during the earlier ordering process we were lost, but found in February of 2008. Our delivery date is around September of 2009. I let it go until last month and decided that I would call and see if there were any Orphans around. We give them a color preference and standard options. Two weeks later I got a call that there is one availible with color choice. We crused up to Penski in Phoenix. Within 2 hours I was headed back to Tucson in this cute little Passion Blue Smart.
Crusing down the freeway with wind gusts 50 + mph at 75 mph I wasn't real comfortable. I was amazed how it handeled when I droped back to 62 mph with the same wind conditions with very little darting around. It is not a freeway cruser.
I do a lot of inter city driving as a home nurse and within the first 4 weeks I have 2,100 miles and loving it. I get more attention in my little Smart than my husband gets with his AC Cobra. I'am always answering Questions about it and what kind of millage I get. "I love it". Some day I will let him drive it... Maybe!
I have had some problems with shifter sticking and locking up. Then the Engine check light came on. We called the hotline and each time the car was picked up takened to Phoenix, repaired and sent back. I commend the service department for their promt response and repairs. This raises a few concerns about the reliability and break downs I might have. A question I might ask to the veterin owners of the Smart Cars is any one else having any problems with their cars? What might I expect?

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