We have a difficult situation about to happen. But, maybe not?
We have adopted 2 orphans. Mainly because our configured models were not supposed to be in until 'who-knows-when'.
We put in our reservation back in May 17, and with no emails of configuration, we opted to get orphans. The smartcenter of Louisville was open, with the smartcenter of Cincinnati not due to open for several months, we were informed that our configured model would be delivered there.
After about 2 months we orphaned my wife's smart cabrio, and 3 months later we aquired my cabrio. Go figure, that the very next week, we received our email to configure!!!
After we configured, our DDE showed 01/2010--03/2010, so we thought we were "smart" that we bought our orphans with such a long wait involved. Well, being the OCD person that I am, I checked the DDE a couple of weeks later, and the DDE moved up 6 MONTHS, to 05/2009-08/2009.
And now, last week, we received our emails with the information that our configured cars are to be arriving stateside in 90 days. Talk about a drastic time frame shift, I guess the economy has something to do with it?

Now the situation:
My wife has the Base Model Cabrio, with no additional accessories, and I have the comfort package on mine.
The only thing different on mine is the factory alarm, which I can live without, and will probably orphan mine. However my wife really likes the comfort package on mine, and is wanting to have it on hers.
Since the yellow color in no longer available, she has ordered hers in the White/Black, and is going to transfer the white panels to the Yellow/Black she has now. And then we are looking to sell the orphan she is driving now only it will be a White/Black cabrio, with new white panels, and about 6500-7000 miles on the odometer. We will be asking for what we owe on the car, just so we do not lose on the deal.

Now with the whirlwind economy, we are wondering what our luck is going to be selling the orphan we have now?

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Comment by IcePlanet on December 23, 2008 at 11:01am
Check with your dealer and see if they will give you a good deal as a trade-in. They can add lots of bling to it and sell it for a lot more than it is worth. They like that because they make money that way. The dealer here in San Antonio takes trade-ins at sticker price minus mileage. This is what I am planning on doing with my orphan when my configured car comes in. Unless I find someone who really wants it and buys it from me.

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