I got home about 45 minutes ago in my new Smart Cabriolet!!!! My delivery date was tentatively February 14, but my dealer, Cherie, at Smart Center, Cary, NC, called this morning and said that they had just received an orphan that was configured just like mine with the addition of foglamps and the alarm. I went out to check it out and to try to work out a trade on my Smart orphan that I bought in late August to "tide me over" until mine came in.

Well, I arrived at the Smart Center around 11:30 a.m. and by 1 p.m. I was leaving with my new one -- only 10 miles on it as I drove out of the parking lot with the top open to the back and my seat heater on. (It's about 21 degrees here today!!!!) It's red with the silver accent and is a real beauty. I had ordered the extra instrument panel and that adds a sportiness to the car.

So now there is a little used Smart Orphan in Cary, NC that needs a new Mommy!!!! I can't say enough about how wonderful I was treated this morning during the whole process. They were very busy, but took all the time needed with me.

Soon they'll have a new red/silver cabriolet Orphan.

So, no more waiting for me. Hang on, to all who are still waiting. It's worth the wait.

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Comment by Becky on January 17, 2009 at 8:52pm
Mine was only the second trade-in they had done. I guess it depends on where you are in the US and such. My trade-in was not as high as I would have liked, however, for the convenience on not having to sell the care to an outside buyer, it was worth the lower figure. I really can't comment on the actual number, but don't be surprised if it is lower than you expected, unless demand in your area is so high, that the dealer thinks they can sell it at a higher price. Let me just say that the first trade in my dealer did was on a Smart Passion that was pretty much fully-loaded. It had just over 14,000 miles over it and after they accepted it in trade, they put it on the lot for sale at, I think, around $13,000. So that gives you an idea of what their trade in value was on the car. Hope this helps.
Comment by Dan O on January 17, 2009 at 4:04pm
Just curious since I'm in the same position as you - got an orphan, but waiting for ordered car to arrive - what kind of trade-in did they offer?? I got mine in July and only have 1800 miles on it.

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