As far as I know it, I am the highest mileage smart car in Michigan. I can honestly say, I have taken my car to the dealership for the maintenance. All the items the dealer check for me were needing replacement.

One thing I can say was after the maintanence, my smart car perform like the first day I got it. The cost for the dealership to do the work was very reasonable to me. The service was excellent.

You asked how did I get all those miles? Well, I travel over 132 miles to work roundtrip. I can tell you I average about 38 to 39 miles to the gallon . The most I have gotten on a single tank was 340 miles (approx 42 mpg heck yeah!!!). [I am still trying to beat the record on the internet for 350 miles on a single tank] I can tell you I do not see a difference in fuel economy if I am using the manual only or automatic only. The fuel economy only drops off if you are cruising higher than 77 miles per hour. My average cruising speed is 72 between 80 mpg on the highway. You can say I have a leadfoot.

I try not to fill my tank unless I achieve 300 miles on my trip odometer...

The smart car has been a wonderful commuter car for me and I would like to hear from others experience. I am curious of the avg mpg and most you have travel on a single tank. Plus, tell me how many miles you driven your smart car.

Keep on driving...

JL Reese

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Comment by Stuart Berman on May 30, 2008 at 7:44am
I have been using Shell premium mostly and I think that does help. (Shell is one of the few local brands rated by TopTierGas for consistent quality and detergents. I noticed in Detroit you can get better than premium and once bought some (like the 95 octane you mentioned). People who have a very consistent drive would need to run for several tanks on each type of gas to help prove this theory about mileage. I know on our Honda Odyssey we get about 10% better gas mileage on premium on the highway so we always buy premium when driving cross country.
Comment by Derek M. on May 30, 2008 at 1:40am
JL---- Yay! Another Kentucky fella on here! I'm originally from Henderson but have family all over Louisville....

...Anyways...Thought the mileage I was getting was pretty average, but seems this is not the case? (Although Dean at scB said several others were getting the same as me, so I can't be the only one). I did try one of those fuel booster additives from AutoZone and I filled with 95 octane one of my fill ups instead of the regular 93 premium (which was not intentional btw, I just wasn't paying attention and didn't notice that this particular gas station, being near the raceway, had up to 105 octane racing fuels, so when I saw premium I just hit the button and started fillin').....

......Perhaps these have given me that extra mileage boost?
Comment by J L Reese on May 29, 2008 at 9:59pm
I want to say thanks you to all the people who share their experience with me. I think we should continue to track the most anyone has traveled on 1 tank. From what I seen here, the record for travel on 1 tank is Derek M at around 400 miles. (By the way, Louisville is my hometown, Go Cards!!!) Also, Derek M has the 2nd most miles at 4000 miles.

Can anyone top these numbers?

JL Reese
Comment by Sharon Baseman on May 29, 2008 at 11:24am
I'm 6 miles away from 1,000, so I'm through my break-in period! I've filled up four times and have gotten 34.5, 35.6 and 43.2 mpg on the first three tanks (including the one in the car when I picked it up on April 19).

I seem to be getting towards the low end of that on my current tank, which has been mostly back and forth to work -- 7 miles each way on 696 during rush hour.

My driving during the 43.2 tank was an unusual week and a half -- my daughter was in the hospital and I was going back and forth to Botsford near 8 Mile and Grand River. A lot of my driving was at 50 mph on 8 Mile, hitting mostly green lights. I also had two trips to the dealer on that tank -- one for our last meeting and one when my check engine light went on. I also had one trip to Pontiac for a meeting.

It seems like I get lower mileage when I have more short trips like going back and forth to work and higher mileage when I have longer trips. This makes sense, as the car barely has a chance to really warm up by the time I get to work or home from work.
Comment by Ken Wagar on May 29, 2008 at 9:07am
I have 3400 miles on my "Dwarf" and am averaging 39.15 MPH for all of those miles. My worst tank gave me 35.2 MPG and my best was during a 500 mile road trip when a tank went 363.5 miles with 8.3 gals for an average of 43.8 MPG. Most of my daily driving is local, short trips with a pretty fair amount of stop and go and traffic lights.
Comment by Derek M. on May 29, 2008 at 1:20am
I have had mine just under 2 months now and have just hit 4,000 on the odometer. I average around 350 miles per tank with combined city/highway (although unbalanced at about 75% highway), running the gauge down to empty, so about 40mpg on the 8.7 gallons.

The best tank I have had so far was just shy of 400 miles running the gauge down to 0.0 gallons (and I actually went about 2 miles past when it clicked down to 0.0 from 0.1 just as a test as I was in the city near tons of gas stations anyways). This was almost entirely highway miles, as I filled up near my home in Taylor and then drove all highway (at approx. 70 mph, as I won't speed through Ohio... "The Speed-Trap State" :P) down to Louisville, KY. Just as I was pulling into Louisville (which is about 350 miles from my home) the gauge turned to the reserve 1.0 gallon view, and then I drove around the city the following day on that remaining gallon until I pulled in for gas right past the 0.0 mark. That averaged out to be nearly 46 mpg. Not bad for a $35 dollar fill up to get me 2 states away! I'm more than satisfied with my Hotweel!
Comment by Stuart Berman on May 29, 2008 at 12:03am
Very cool!
I have a bit over 3,000 miles and my mileage varies between 44 mpg and 28 mpg.
I get 44 mpg in the city when I accelerate slowly and don't go over 45 mph.
On the highway I get less and as I go faster (above 65 mph) the mileage deteriorates quickly. Going 80-85 mph gets me into the low 30's.
The worst mileage is when I really push the car around town with jack rabbit starts.
I have stopped trying to see how many miles I can get on a tank since I try to keep the fuel above a half tank now after we talked about the problem of fuel pumps overheating in low fuel tanks. The tank holds 8.7 gallons and I at one time got down to 0.2 gallons on the guage.


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