We got up at 6am, CST knowing we would eat breakfast later on. We at a little something, fed the cat and bunny, got dressed and left by 6:40. We took a little footage of the way down, but not much. Had only one 63min tape. We drove about 100 miles or so south of Lewisville, TX to a small town called West, TX to a place my boss recommended called The Czech Stop! Its a Czech Bakery/truck stop (this place will be important later) where you can buy local Kolatchies and stuff like that, made fresh daily. We grabbed breakfast on the cheap, about $7 total for both of us, and we got underway. The GPS said we would make it in 30 min. later than our scheduled time, so we called Eric and the dealership letting them know.

We passed through Waco, Temple and various other cities on our way. Kaylie (my wife) and I listened to a 90's alternative station, reminiscing on the past four years having to share a car. My car was repo'ed a week before we physically met (another story) and we always just had the one car, except for last year when I had the motorcycle. I noticed the GPS was "catching up" on time, even though I was not going over 65mph. It seems that the toyota was happy to have a little sister (Yes, R2 is probably a female. For my thinking on this, http://duckbrown.wordpress.com/2008/03/06/is-r2-d2-male-or-female/)

We arrived in Round Rock, TX shaking and laughing with excitement! We followed TomTom to a T, but were kind of confused to see that the smart center was actually part of.... a strip mall! It was next door to the Dollar General! (should have zipped in to get a cheap sun shade for the roof...) We prayed, sent the update, and headed straight to... the bathroom! This is when I got the message to GET THE CAR!!!

We came out, and I snapped a picture of the smarts in the delivery bay waiting for you guys to go and buy them! We walked out and were again greeted by Heather, brand new to smart! She gave us the choice to go see R2, or get the paperwork done. Since R2 was in the service bay, awaiting for our extensive inspection, we deiced to get the paperwork done.

We filled out the paperwork with her, then were moved into the financial manager's office where the Russian Mob Boss (no, Im serious.. well about the Russian part anyway!) finished the financing paperwork our Credit Union sent over, and was very excited to take our money! "Congratulations! Now, gib me my pen!"

Then, Heather took Kaylie to the shop, across the street while Janet, who had just arived with her husband, and Eric talked. When Heather arrived, Eric followed us both over to the shop. There we met Vu, who is Round Rock's only smart technician. He was more than happy not only to humor my anal checklist, but to explain what each part on the car did and how it was effected by various conditions. Kaylie taped almost the entire walk through, but the battery went dead before we could get the headlamps inspected. They were fine!

Janet came in about then because she was hungry and wanted to know WHAT WAS TAKING SO LONG! When she saw what we were checking on the lights, she IMMEDIATELY pulled Dory in to adjust the headlamps too. Then, Vu put R2 back together and handed me the key. I drove R2 with Kaylie as my co-pilot, back to the dealership.

We got back, and Heather gave us our goodie bag full of really cool things, took our pic, and we left.... well, not really. I had to stop to get a few things from the Toyota, namely the iPod, and Kaylie's belt extender. Then we were off on our way to eat some BBQ!

The six of us ate lunch at Texas Road House, and the photo that you saw was actually taken by Eric right after (thats why I look so fat, because we just ate... yea....really!) After that, Eric, and Kaylie and I left to finish regestration for the CenTex Poker Run!

Were late getting there, but they were all all smiles! We grabbed our stuff, and followed Eric. That is when we found out that Eric's car is really a dune racer! Its not a smart. I could not keep up with him! We went to a few stops, then as we were getting on the highway, someone in a non-turn lane cuts us off to get back on the highway, nearly causing an accident. Breaks WORK! As we started to calm, I noticed a car in front of us with three little round faces sticking out the rear window crossing in front of us. They were pointing and smiling! The Rock Star is born!

We finished the Run, and went back to the smart center for food and prizes and a care clinic for new owners. We had a great time. At one point, they announced that they were discounting all the warranty packages and protection plans by $100 that night! WHAT! So I mentioned, really just being a smart ass, that I just bought one this morning, could I get the discount. The Russian laughed, pointed to a sales rep, and said "You need to take care of this guy!" Then slit his throat! LOL!

Later on, Eric told me not to rush off because the store manager had something for us. Karen came over, apologizing that she could not discount our price because it was meant for people who took delivery last year, and gave us a second goodie bag and told me I could have my choice of model car! ( I was told earlier that the manufacturer would stop making them soon)

She took me over to the desk where they had about 10, in the 1/8th and the 1/32 sizes. She was so apologetic that she didnt have my exact car! I was shocked that I was given this opportunity! She offered me a choice of any of them, and I chose the 1/8th blue/silver cabrio! Maybe its my next smart...?

I love the girls in Dallas, but I didnt get this feeling that we did in Round Rock, in Dallas. We literately were treated like family down to hugs from people we had just met, to them feeding us, then loading us up with extra food when we left! I am planning on bringing this idea up with Dallas smart!

We said our goodbyes to our new friends and vowed to return soon! Kaylie got in her Toyota Matrix as I was getting the GPS ready in my R2D2 smart. We rived in Round Rock a one car family and departed a blessed two car family.

It was a late night. We left on our 3 1/2 trek at around 8pm CST. We were having a bit of separation anxiety but we made it back to the Czech Stop to get some caffeine. (see, I told you this would come back) When we got in, five police officers watched us come in. We smiled and nodded. By the time we checked out, they were gone... but the squad cars were still there. I smiled to myself and we walked out.

All five were starring at our car! We talked for about half an hour in teh biting wind of 37 degrees. I passed out fliers and let them climb in and check it out. We left with smiles on our faces and a nice seat warmer under my rear!

We arrived back in town just after Midnight!

I will post pics later, right now we have to go to church... and get R2 Baptized! Eric

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Comment by Todd Blackley on January 30, 2009 at 8:31am
Just got my car yesterday. It took all of about 15min before someone asked if it was electric. I'm planning on just driving around today and having fun. I know how you feel and it feels good.
Comment by Brandon Ivey on January 30, 2009 at 7:23am
We love the Czech Stop. Cant wait to pass thru again!

I love passing Minis on the freeway and getting that look of, "What the heck was that?
Comment by satxbiker on January 30, 2009 at 7:21am
Congrats on your new car. The Czech Stop is always a place we stop at when we are anywhere near it. Good stuff!
Comment by Mike Knotts on January 26, 2009 at 12:31am
Congrats. Sorry we missed the event. We were at Thunderhill Speedway a little south of Austin and didn't finish practice there untill late. My little red smart might get to be a pace car this year. Maybe we will meet up sometime...enjoy!
Comment by Steve Hubbard on January 25, 2009 at 7:03pm
Congrats, We love our smart cars to.
Comment by tommyk on January 25, 2009 at 3:02pm
you go guy i'm am so glad everything worked out for you!! i've been following your blogs for awhile. good things come to good people
Comment by Brandon Ivey on January 25, 2009 at 1:57pm
I'm at lunch now so I'm not able to most pics yet, but the car was just anoited with oil and mauled by about 100 people including about 20 kids that love the "happy car"!
Comment by Becky on January 25, 2009 at 1:46pm
Brandon, congratulations on your new car. I know you are so excited!! Glad you got to and from the dealership safely and securely. Now go out and enjoy that car!
Comment by Carlito on January 25, 2009 at 12:39pm
Congratulations on the newest baptism! Great story for a Sunday morning. I hope mine goes this well also.
God bless and be careful out there,
Pops & Car-lito (soon)

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