No Orphan for me, no way. I waited, waited and waited a whole lot more but my car has arrived. During this time I got a whole lot of thinking in to see if I really wanted, needed this car. OK, I don't need this car (I almost don't need anything, being a Buddhist) , but my 97 CR-V is 11 years old and getting up there in mileage and only gets about 25 mpg.

The reason for this car for me is:
1) Cute.
2) I don't need anything bigger (mostly my wife and I).
3) My wife and I live simply.
4) I wanted to use the least amount of resources (for my kids future).
5) I would rather drive a small car (this is the fun part).

We already have a 04 Honda civic hybrid for passengers (aka, dogs) and will keep "Rattles" (the CR-V) for snow and camping, but the smart will be my everyday car. I kept looking at all the cars out there to choose from and they all kind of look, act and seem the same to me now.

So in the end I'm getting this car for the reasons the car was built. It's my old shoe that fits my old feet (51 in case you wanted to know).

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Comment by Todd Blackley on February 2, 2009 at 9:17pm
Ah, driving the old beetle and the memories. My smart is sooo much better and I expect many good memories to come.
Comment by Robert Stout on February 2, 2009 at 9:06pm
Many old geezers like myself are attracted to the Smart because it is cheap,simple,cute,economical,slower,easier to enter and exit,easy to park,gives a full view up front, and promises to give us less trouble than the other little ones we raised...It reminds me of an old "61 beetle I owned,just cut in half...Maybe I am entering my second childhood...

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