Are drivers deliberately trying to pass your smart, too?

It's probably my imagination, but I'd swear that when drivers of SUVs or hot cars get a glimpse of my white smart they speed up and try to find a way to pass me.

The other day, a young kid literally pulled up next to me on Onondaga Hill, half of the passenger's side of his car was missing, he looked at me, put pedal to the medal, burned rubber, and I assume exceeded the 40 mph speed limit, and left me behind for 100 feet until he found himself behind a line of cars.

If I could communicate with these people, I would just simply say, "Listen, it's going to be okay. You can buy one. There are two smart car centers here in Upstate. Orphans are available. You don't have to wait. Just head to Latham for a visit."

Or, "I feel bad for you. I am sorry. Yeah, I know prices for gas are low right now, and I accept that you can beat me in foot race. I just did not want to drop a fortune on a new car. I like having fun, driving something that is protected and small, and not spending our precious monetary resources on gas, at any price. Sorry."

This imaginary experience of mine began right away. No sooner than I left the lot, got on the NYS Thruway, drivers were speeding up to catch me, gawk-and-go, only to slow down later, so that I had to pass them!! Am I being crazy? Or, have you have had this experience? Funny part is, the truckers are the courteous ones.

Oh well, that's the price of driving different. Oh yeah, I spent nearly as much on Thruwy fees and gas taxes than the actual gas fuel. That was interesting.

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Comment by Ryan on February 18, 2009 at 5:16pm
sometimes i think people genetically have a stupid-streak in them. It happens with any car. take for instance my parent's '01 Pontiac Trans-Am. people try to race it all the time. sometimes i attempt to race back, but rarely go above 70. usually hover around 60 down a highway, and if there's some idiot in a riced-out Honda coming up, i'll wait til he's right about next to me, and step on the gas. 60 turns to 70 rather quick, and he starts falling back. if they decide they've been outdone (which happens more often than not), they tend to drift back and pull into the lane behind me, and i slow down to 60-65. If they don't get the hint that 70 isn't even making the car slightly lose it's breath, let alone sweating, and still try to pass, i just say hell with it, slow down, and pray there's a cop up ahead.

kinda devilish, ain't i?

but yeah... i don't think people can help themselves sometimes. be it the ritualistic people that seem like they HAVE to cut someone off on a highway/stopsign/light, or that feel the need to run to the end of a merging road in the lane with the fewest cars so they can get to their destination 4 seconds faster..... people just tend to be stupid.
Comment by 1AngryMoth on February 18, 2009 at 4:46pm
What I've noticed is cars flying by will slow down and look, then take off again after a few seconds.

I've also noticed that some trucks & SUVs of the redneck persuasion will ride my ass no matter if I slow down, speed up, or change lanes. These are the same types of folks that I get dirty looks from out and about. I never have that experience in my SUV.

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