As smart owners you see the stares, you feel the stares, they are there constantly. Some stare out of disbelief, some out of curiosity, some to mock, and some are angry (how dare you drive that on the Highway). It’s a way of life for now. I say now because as gas prices start creeping up and eventually top the $5 mark (Obama wants it at least at $5) then people will be staring for other reasons.
What I hear most is; how cute. Like this is not a serious mode of transportation for them, but a fashion statement. My cadet I sponsor calls it the clown car—you remember the very small car in the circus that comes out at the end and 40 clowns pile out of it. They stare, laugh, but I know deep down they are saying, when no one is around, can I take it for a spin? You can see it in their stare.
The stares I hate the most (and I don't hate them all) are the ones from the double cab, F10million Ford Truck that is 2 stories high. Their stares are not flattering at all. It’s almost suggestive of how quickly they could crush you like a bad speed bump. I am not sure why there are so many of those trucks. They aren't hauling anything; they are usually immaculate indicating they never hauled anything nor will ever in their life span. They usually have one passenger, and the back window either has the number of their favorite Nascar driver or a white cutout of the bad boy or bad girl's club. I get them back, at the pump, when I stop hardly long enough to swipe my card, and they are there most of the day. I stare back. Sometime I say, your front tire is bigger than my car (baiting them), they laugh, then I say, My car gets better gas mileage than your lawn mower, thats a conversation killer. Try it, it works! What I really want to say is My Smart car is smarter than your Middle School Honor student, but I usually want to live to see another day.
Here is another phenomenon; everyone wants to be in front of me, resulting in another phenomenon; my smarti makes others speed. I usually go the speed limit or slightly above. People have a tendency to want to be in front of a smart car, to do that they usually exceed the 5 MPH over the speed limit cushion that COPs usually ignore—they are now at risk. I smile, COPS smile, they get their quota, I get to stare as I drive by. Everyone wants to pass a smart car. Why? Some want to stare (see above) some can’t stand the fact that I can keep up with the big boys. Some see that F10Million behind them and want to make sure they pass me so as not to look bad to Mr. “ my Nascar sticker is bigger than your car.”
Stare away, this is the future. I am waiting for the parking slots that say smarti’s only, or the vertical parking garages that stack Smarties, or my most wonderful dream: a real drive in theater where you drive inside the theater . Dream on! Stare away!

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Comment by judi on February 21, 2009 at 9:46am
WOW! Just yesterday, within a time frame of 3 minutes, 2 smiling and friendly drivers stopped and waved me ahead of them...both of them had the right of way and were just being nice. I'm happy to say that sort of thing happens all the time when I'm driving my smart, and I haven't experienced what you describe. On the highway, some people will pass, but that's because I only go a few miles over the speed limit and they want to go faster. My husband drives one of those immaculate 4 door Ford pickups you mention and people zoom past him, too. Some people just have to be first!

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