We're probably safer than they are

I saw a police officer drive by my office really slow and my boss told me he was sitting behind my Smart for a few minutes. All I could figure was he was running the tag to make sure it was legal. About 30 minutes later I need to run out and sitting in the turn lane of the main road was the same officer. I was stopped at a light and he pulled up next to me and started asking me questions. Of course he had to ask "What would you do if you got hit by a semi in that?" I just looked at him and said like many others "What would you do in any car if you got hit by a semi?" he laughed and I explained the safety rating the car had.

Coming back to the office not 20 minutes later another guy pulls up next to me at the stop light and asks about the MPG as I was driving off he shouts "BE CAREFUL!" I just laughed.

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Comment by Stefanie on June 24, 2008 at 5:51pm
I feel the same way with all of you. I've had my car for 3 months and get the same questions! The greatest thing that happened to me so far is a Ferrari (my dream car) pulled up next to me and the guy was just amazed by it. I couldn't believe it he was drooling over my SMART!!!
Comment by Ann Chitwood on June 24, 2008 at 5:41pm
I can identify with the Harley rider. The Smart is huge next to my maxi scooter that I ride very comfortably at 70 mph. So far, all I get going down the road are people hanging out their window giving the old thumbs up sign. :-)
Comment by roger tompkins on June 24, 2008 at 5:15pm
Folks ask me how I will feel safe (haven't received mine yet) in such a small car. I say, "Are you kidding..........I'm a Harley driver!!!
Comment by grillbait on June 24, 2008 at 3:08pm
I got the greatest gaping-mouth look when I buzzed past a Semi the other day. It wasn't just a double-take--it was a full on stare out the window for four full seconds!

I actually get a kick out of the way that people underestimate the safety and stability of the car. I've seen so many pictures of caved-in, torn-apart econo-boxes after accidents--nice to know that my fortwo won't smush like that.

Plus, I can avoid accidents that those big SUVs just can't. They'll hit that jackknifed gas truck at 25mph when I can stop short; who's car is safer now?
Comment by Marybeth on June 24, 2008 at 1:40pm
It amazes me how many negative "the glass is half empty" type of people have to put in their RUDE comments!

I'll have to remember the answer to the semi truck question! That was funny Colleen! "Well, what would you do if you got hit by a semi?!!" LOL!

The hampster question could also be answered by popping the hood and asking the rude person if they would like to pet one?!!!

Tony, nice one about the weight of the car! "Why, are you going to pick it up?"

We should start the SYFPH group! It stands for Shut Your F___ing Pie Hole!

That way when rude people start setting us up with their dumb questions, just so they can have something witty to comment on; like.."what kind of car is that?", we can tell them it's an SYFPH and be on our merry way, with a smile on our face!
Comment by craig hoy on June 24, 2008 at 12:45pm
I just stay away from semis..I'm not going to outduel them . I've driven small cars most of my life the last one was a 2000 VW Beetle. driving a small car makes you drive more defensively, which is how everyone should drive anyhow. Being in a larger car will give you a false sense of safety. big cars crush just as fast as small ones if you're hit by a truck..so keep your eyes open and always watch out for the other guy.
Comment by Colleen on June 24, 2008 at 11:49am
The weight is 1800 lbs so it's not that heavy for a car. I like you love to answer questions about the car as if I owned stock (wish we had some kind of rewards program for upgrades or merchendise for selling them) and I hate when people ask stupid questions like "do you need a new rubber band yet" or "hows the hampster holding up"
Comment by Tony on June 24, 2008 at 11:40am
I saw two ladies standing next to the car for a good 10 min. I went to the car to get something out and the barrage of questions started. Generally i don't mind the question and i answer them as if i had stock in the company but one of the ladies was a bit condescending which i loathe. She balked when i said it was mercedes, she inquired as to how much it cost, she raised her brow when i said it was safer than most cars on the road, and then she asked, "How much does it weigh?" I couldn't resist..."Are you planning on picking it up?" I said. She just gave me the look and walked away.
For the next time I have to pick my smart car up, can someone tell me how much these cars weigh? Thanks.
Comment by Mary Ann on June 24, 2008 at 10:23am
I was beside a State Patrol Officer and he pulled beside me, them behind me. I finally pulled over, He past me. So I went on my way. While I was at the Bakery the same State Patrol come over to me and said " I have to know what kind of car that is." I just laughted and told him all about my Smart Car. By then I was demonstrating all the amenities of the Smart Car for a crowd.
Comment by JohnnyD on June 24, 2008 at 10:18am
People only see the size, not the technology! Remember the original Ford Festiva? A small car that drove pretty good and had ok safety. My buddy owned one and never received any flak for owning it. I think since this car has a higher verticle profile....it looks way small!

Today's technology for safety is fantastic. I was VERY impressed with the raw saftey cell that was at the SMART center of Bloomfield. I did a lot of research into the car for the past two years and when I finaly was able to see one in person and check out all the saftey features, it exceeded my expectations!
I honestly believe that the way the saftey cell is built, we are a lot safer in this vehicle than many others (some crash results are proving that). We all have to remember that this is German engineering and they are VERY safety conscience.
I notice that most of the 'be careful' or 'you'll get killed in that thing' come from older individuals use to driving BIG cars or truck/SUV owners (which seem to be the rudest, most unsafe people on the road!).

Of course if a semi hits you in ANYTHING..there is not much you can do no matter what you drive!

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