What does your Smart Car Club do?

Our car club here in Arizona has nearly 150 members however we are lucky to get 10-15 to any event.

Other than runs to or through various scenic spots within short drives or getting together for lunch or coffee, what does your local car club do?

I've never been a member of a car club before so it's hard to figure out what to do. Any advice on jumpstarting the club and/or activities or just car club insights are always welcome!!!

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Comment by Robert Ricewasser on March 22, 2009 at 11:01am
Your comments are spot-on. It will just take some time & a small number of owner's who are interested in joining a group will do so. Many owner's are not interested or cannot make the time commitment. The Southern Calif. area is just too large to bring a lot of smart owners together. We travel over an hour just to get to the meet-up location for an event or tour. Many are not willing to travel that far. However, the Birthday events held at smart centers will draw a large group of owners. Hopefully, the smart centers will continue to host these events.
Comment by Ken Wagar on March 22, 2009 at 10:33am
I believe you are seeing the same thing most of the rest of us have experienced. Let's face it there are a lot of challenges these days in terms of the economy and people's time availability. In addition the ownership of smart cars is quite diverse in terms of ages, ethnicity and income which simply means that the particular interests of the owners are also diverse.

Look for events you can tie into that offer a variety of things to do. Look for sites that also offer more than just a small get-together.

Here in Central Florida I have moved from trying to put together weekly of monthly get-togethers to concentrating on larger events tied into festivals, entertainment venues, and unusual or insider visits to places that you might be able to get behind the scenes or to get access to things not normally available to the public.
We had 200 smart cars and four hundred owners at our Anniversary Party but we the club did most of the work and we made sure we had lot's of activities so as to interest almost anyone. An upcoming event at the Old Town entertainment complex in May will include 5 smart car parts vendors, raffles and drawings, and all types of entertainment activities and we will have about 100 smart cars there so it can be done but it takes good planning and lots of advance notice.

Hang in there and work it hard and it will build over time.

Good Luck!
Comment by Robert Ricewasser on March 21, 2009 at 1:18am
Most car clubs have the same issues. Some people like to tour to scenic or historic locations, others like to attend car shows, some like museums & others just like to talk over a cup of coffee or lunch. Many clubs have officers, bylaws, elections, board meetings, & membership meetings, usually on a monthly basis. Someone on the Board of Directors for the club will plan the clubs events. One of the car clubs that I belong to has a Ladies Aux. that meets once a month. They have their own officers and treasury. Usually charging dues and having a treasurer will allow the club to publish a monthly newsletter & have some type of Holiday Banquet. See if you can get a smart dealer to hold a tech. session & also a smart vendor to advertise in your newsletter & offer some raffle prizes. A raffle at montly meetings usually brings in the members.

For some reason, the smart group in my area doesn't want to organize. However, a new tour group listed on this websight has been very successful in getting good attendance for tours. Check out the Ventura County Group & some of their activities.

Good luck in getting things organized & getting some interest from the smart owners.
Comment by Mike Knotts on March 21, 2009 at 12:45am
Here in San Antonio we struggle with the same problems too. Our wine country drive was well attended but it is only a dozen or so members that make the difference. By contrast, our scooter club had over 200 attend our last hill country outing.

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