Smart Mods, Rear Power Scource + Boot Release + Boot LED Lights

I tackled 3 mods this afternoon and they took the better part of the whole afternoon.

1. 12V power outlet in boot area
2. LED lights to provide light in the boot area
3. Boot release button on button bank.

This info is intended as a supplement to the detailed instructions that are readily available at Evolutions. I will place photos at the end of this post so you can see what I saw.

The first two were ever straight forward utilizing the instruction provided in Evolutions.
However the boot release required some additional info, at least for me. Its an easier job if you go in knowing that the button bank is completing the circuit via the negative side of the battery not the positive like I would think.

My smart did have the pink/orange color wiring so I did not have to lower the SAM unit. I did lower it just to see how easy it would be if done from that side. I lowered the SAM and was greeted with only what could be described as a HOT MESS. The cramped working conditions make it almost impossible to reach connector 8 which was all the way in towards the front of the car. This approach looked like a mistake waiting to happen.

Even if you were not lucky enough to have this color combination a 2 minute venture into the boot door panel would allow you to trace the correct wire that is connected to the exterior boot release handle right to the drivers side boot access panel where you would be tapping into it anyway. You just need to take out the 6 screw holding the panel no need to remove the panel.

When you attach to the button bank the instructions show a connector that is not readily available, well I couldn't find one. If you have an old computer laying around just use the connector from one of the sound connector for the CD ROM drive there is a picture. A set of small screwdrivers from the 99 cent store works well sliding the connector out. See the photo below.

Not a very tough job and well worth the time, it makes your Smart just that much more usable. Mine is now perfect. Michael

My apologies I have made numerous attempts to add the photos but the site will not take the photos I will try again later

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