Two things you shouldn't do in a smart car

1) Pick your nose
2) Park too close to the inner end of a parking space

I don't actually go around picking my nose in my car. But it occurred to me today, after the second person in less than 5 minutes hung their head out the window of their SUV and gave me a thumbs up as they passed me in my smart car, that I'm being watched.

A guy at PCC and his wife actually got OUT of their own car and snapped a photo on his camera phone of me and Bobbin getting out of the smart car. I know from the angle at which he was standing that Bobbin and I are in the picture.

Complete strangers stalk me from the parking lot into the grocery store or coffee shop and approach me asking me how I like my car, where did I get it and where is it made. And "Is it electric?" which is the by far number one question I get about the car.

People standing at bus stops do double-takes as I drive by. People on the other side of the street stop, point, and shout to their friends.

Teenagers laugh at us as we drive by. Of course, you know they've never had to pay for a tank of gas themselves.

And the car is covered in hand prints that I know are not my own or Bobbin's because they're on places I don't usually touch - the front, the top sides, the little rear window.

And so, I realized, that stuff that would have gone unnoticed before while I drove my Audi is going to be front page news when I drive the Smart Car.

As for the parking tip: Twice now I've come out of a store into the parking lot to see someone turning into my space, slam on the brakes just before they rear end me, and back out and drive off. So I've taken to parking my car a little closer to the outside end of a parking space just to be on the safe side.

I'm still loving the car! It can't take hills like the Audi can, but it's got its own pep and now that I know just how gradually I need to apply the accelerator I'm not jerking forward with each automatic shift.

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Comment by SandraK on June 25, 2008 at 11:01pm
We've had people pull out their cell phones and snap pics while driving in the lane next to us! Good point about the nose're always being watched in these cars.
Comment by Richard Bliss on June 25, 2008 at 1:23pm

Picking your nose might not be a pleasant thing to talk about but you are spot on. Do it in a Smart Car and you have a good chance of ending up in somebody's photo with your finger in your nose.
Comment by IcePlanet on June 25, 2008 at 12:46am
I believe all Smart car owners are having the same experiences you are. They even warned me at the dealership this would happen. You also can't make a quick trip to the store on a weekend to pick up bread without having to get showered and dressed nicely because there is a good chance your picture will be taken or will have to do a sales presentation.

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