I've only had my Smart now for two weeks. I just love it! I get all the questions too, but the one thing I think I liked the most so far, is, this past weekend I was coming out of Blockbuster when a little girl, probably around 5, looked at my Smart with a great big smile on her face. Her dad was standing next to her, and as I pulled out of the parking lot, I rolled my window down and looked at the little girl with the great big smile, and told her "my car hasn't grown up yet" and she just smiled bigger! It was great. Dad did too. I love people's reactions to my Smart. I can't stand the negativity tho. There are a lot of really negative people in the world. I tell the negative ones that laugh, go ahead and laugh at my car. I laugh everytime I fill it up! My other vehicle is a Chevy 1/2 ton, extended cab pickup truck. Kind of hard to pull a horse trailer with a smart.....unless you are one of Jack's sirloin burger cowboys - but I'm not. I'll keep my Smart. I love it!

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Comment by Griz on May 24, 2009 at 5:49pm
If you have noticed in many of the Smart crash tests that the smart bounces in an accident rather than crushing you will understand my answer to "what if you get in an accident?" I say my smart just bounces out of the way. The other one is "what if a semi hits you?" I say "the same as if it hits you. Dead is dead, I cant be any more dead than you". I also love the people who ask if the smart is electric while I'm filling it with gas. I havent come up with a good come back as I'm amazed at the question given it's location.
Comment by Janet Doe on May 22, 2009 at 7:21pm
I understood my Passion Coupe is only about 1800 lbs. When I get the "where's the rest of your car question, my answer is "I couldn't afford to fill it with gas!". As for negativity, I just give a knowing smile! Some people think I know something they don't, and they'd be right!!!
Comment by Ryan on May 20, 2009 at 3:45am
mr bad example: i'm pretty sure i read 2,3xx pounds as the curb weight on the door sill of my '09 Brabus Coupe. i'll have to check again..... but my friend read it too, and i'm pretty sure he'd have corrected me if i read it wrong.
Comment by Ryan on May 18, 2009 at 7:04pm
You and me both. In regards to the people being negative.... let them be so. You'll also notice that although they seem to have a negative opinion about the car, they can't help but be curious. Was down at the gas station last night, and as i was walking in to grab a soda, i heard someone who had just walked out of the gas station say "What the f*** is that, a f***ing golf kart?" Sure enough though, as i was walking back to my "golf kart", I noticed that same guy sitting in the passenger seat of a relatively large pickup truck just staring at it as i pulled out of the parking space. I work in a liquor store, and i've already had quite a few people walk through the front doors saying "I'd never want to drive in that thing" or "If that thing get's into an accident, there'd be nothing left".... until they come up to the counter and ask if i noticed the little car in the parking lot and i tell them that i did, and it's mine. Their mindset pulls a complete 180, and they start to get a little curious about the car, and also how exactly someone just a hair over 6 feet tall can fit in it. I just tell them that a friend of mine is 6'6" tall and him and i both fit in it quite comfortably.

And hey... if one of those people laughing happen to be driving a mid-size car like a little Saturn or something.... you can also delight in telling them that your Smart may be small, but it probably weighs as much or more than their longer car. My friend (the same 6'6" tall one) was surprised when i told him that the car was over a ton. he didn't believe me... so i told him when we stopped to look at the sticker by the door. He was even more shocked because it was like 500 lbs. heavier than his ex-girlfriends little Saturn.

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