Hey everybody. Here is a funny and true story that you all need to hear because this might happen to you. I was driving my car to my friends one day and the ABS light went on. For all of you that do not know what that is, it is the airbag light aka guy in the seat with airbag in his face light. Anyhow, I thought that it was related to my accident, but I was wrong. About a week before I brought my car back to the shop, they had to replace the passenger seatbelt mechanism because it was not fully retracting. Little did I know that it was not the problem. I brought my car in on the sixth of June to have them examine my passenger door because I heard vibrations and to fix the light. I called a few days later to my service representative. He told me that when the light is on, it will disable the airbags in the car making it extremely unsafe. To this day, I sill do not believe that to be true. Anyhow, I hung up the phone and researched how many people were having this problem. Two hour after reading countless pages of this problem, I found out that magnitudes of people were having this problem. In fact, they have 150 of the seatbelt tensioner sensors on backorder because of this problem. Another thing I observed from the forums is that it mostly happens with cabriolet cars, but I do not think that really matters. My representative got in contact with the head of Smart USA which then contacted the CEO of the French corporation which then told my mechanic that he can take that part off a showroom car because they do not leave the showroom anyway. That is what they are doing today. If they had to wait for the part, I would not get my car back until at least July 15th. Just to give everybody a heads up, do not take your car immediately until you know that they have the part because as apart of their policy, they cannot let anybody drive out knowing that they have an airbag light on. I hope you all found this story to be interesting because to me, this was a very frustrating problem. I guess this is one con of buying a first year car, but I can live with it.

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Comment by Brett Harrison on June 16, 2009 at 8:42pm
Kevin, it is the light on the left. I had the ABS light on once and they fixed that, but that wasn't the problem. Mr bad example, I know they pulled out the seat a couple of times and I went under the seat myself to check the wiring and I checked underneath the carpet, but everything was as it was supposed to be. According to them, it is a bad sensor and has repeatedly come up with multiple cars and that same part is 150 on backorder, so I am sure that is the problem.

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