I took delivery of my Smart Cabriolet in Bloomfield Hills, MI at Roger Penske's Flagship SmartforTwo dealership, where I also had the 10K service performed. The Bloomfield Hills dealership staff was very knowledgeable, efficient, communicative, and they had a large variety of dealer installed options available, as well as apparel and accessories. They are/were a pleasure to do business with!

I recently had the 20k service performed at the Smart Center (Mercedes Dealer) in West Palm Beach, FL. The West Palm dealership seemed to be efficient, but was far less communicative. They have no inventory of dealer installed options, and stated that anything I wanted would have to be ordered. They had a limited selection of apparel and accessories. The experience was not bad, but it was not a pleasure.

In addition to the 20k service, I was told that there were three service bulletins on my car, all of which were done at no additional charge. I was told that the transmission software was updated, the battery was replaced, and the shift lever was lubricated. Nothing was explained about the transmission software update, the shift lever lube, or the reason for the battery replacement.

I have noticed that the transmission now shifts more smoothly. I also discovered, quite by accident, that the paddles will now change the transmission into manual mode without moving the shift lever. I don't know why the shift lever was lubed, but it works fine as far as I can tell. I called the dealership service department to inquire about the transmission shifting manually, when in automatic mode. I was told that if I held the "upshift" paddle for three seconds, it would return to automatic mode. I asked if that would "lock" it back into manual mode. I was told "yes it would." However, thus far it appears to me that the paddles (either one) will toggle back and forth between automatic and manual mode. There does not appear to be any "locked" automatic mode.

I plan to buy a variety of aftermarket optional equipment including (a) at least one additional set of body panels, (b) center arm rest, (c) cruise control, (d) driving/fog lights, (e) tachometer, (f) window tinting, and (g) tuned exhaust. I may order them from Bloomfield Hills, or just order them online and install them myself. The West Palm dealership didn't seem to know (or care) about any options other than those which could be ordered on a new car. It was clearly NOT a Roger Penske dealership!

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