How Many Brabus Coupe are being Manufacture

Did Smart ever give up the number of Brabus being Manufacture ??

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Comment by George Oller on July 5, 2009 at 1:22pm
The Brabus does not carry a special vin #. I was hoping that it did for collectibility. They are the same as a regular Passion. I also own a Corvette Z06. The vin on the Z06 has a "S" in the eighth digit, not a number as a regular Corvette. It would be very hard to clone a Z06, but not a Brabus. You could buy all the parts and the only way to prove it was a Brabus was to have the Moroni window sticker showing your vin # and the Brabus option.
Comment by Ryan on July 4, 2009 at 2:10pm
not only that, but it technically wouldn't BE a Brabus... since the VIN wouldn't reflect the fact.... although i'm not 100% sure something like that would be assigned to the VIN number either...

I'm just glad i got my silver Brabus Coupe. Just don't think the black looks as good.
Comment by toes on July 4, 2009 at 1:43pm
I stand corrected (on the manufacturing numbers). Of course there is always the possibility to "make" your own Brabus by ordering parts from Europe (and bolting them on), but that would be more expensive then buying an orphan (our dealership had three last time I checked, as well: one silver convertible and two black coupes). In either case: It is a cool looking version of our favorite car.
Comment by kdfcogwheel on July 4, 2009 at 9:59am
I am a Brabus owner (cabrio). I concur with Ryan. Originally there were supposed to be only 1500 allotted for the US. The window was open back last October. Production was to run from Jan 09 thru June 09, with deliveries from Feb thru July. Due to overwhelming popularity, a decision was made (in November 08) to produce up to 500 more. Not sure if all 500 were ever made, as Ryan stated there are some orphans available. I, for one, took possession of an orphan so that I could get it earlier (April rather than June). The makeover is purely cosmetic. The things that interested me was the styling, suspension and wheels. All things considered, I feel that the markup in price is worth it. Drives like a dream, tight in corners as if on rails with very little body roll. My car so far has been flawless.
Comment by Ryan on July 4, 2009 at 12:02am
toes: as far as i'm aware.... production of the Brabus is no longer going on. You can't customize them on the SmartUSA website... so i don't see how people would order one. The only other way i can think of is recieving them from other centers that have orphaned Brabus's. Smart Center Devon in Pennsylvania had like 3 Brabus when i was there last that were all orphaned.

Last i was told by the sales rep in Devon, there were about 1,700 Brabus's manufactured. not sure if that's TOTAL, or if that was just for coupes or cabrio's.
Comment by toes on July 3, 2009 at 6:04pm
AFAIK there are no limitations on how many are manufactured. I also don't think there are limitations on how many will be imported to the US.

I would definitely say that there are some sellers out there trying to "make a buck" by claiming that the Brabus is a limited edition vehicle (the 1,500 number was floated), but I would caution that it probably won't be a collector's item any more than a 2008 yellow smart.

So: If you are looking to buy a Brabus for the extras (wheels, aluminum trim pieces, body kit, decals, etc.) I think it is a good deal (at MSRP), but if you are looking for a well equipped smart, the passion with comfort package might well deliver all you might need.

The European version Brabus is another story altogether as it actually has a higher performing engine.

Of course: YMMV,

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