oK IM a little confused NOW! i have the daylamps and the headlight are always on right, i just found out today that not only the headlights are on but the taillights are on too. Now i know on my other car that has daylamps the taiilights are NOT ON! i thought that feature is just for the FRONT HEAD lights. Why are the tail lights on?
then if you switch the knob to "turn them on" the head lights go out in the parklight mode and they come back on in the headlight night driven mode. NOw the daylamp lights and the night driven head lightS are the same and they even shine the same - beam of light - Is this right? dont want my taillights on all the time. & didnt need to pay for daylamps when i could just turn on reg. lights and drive. Now that i know this its annoying - grrrrr!!!
Said i was going to take it in to the dealer for a few questions and now + 1 does anyone know if this is a defect or is that smartswiring? -wrong!

P.S. How many coins does a cabri coin holder hold?

ummmmmmm!!! mine only 2quarter d'oh!!!!


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Comment by spicejax on October 18, 2009 at 4:29pm
@smarty- Interesting topic. I've got DRL as well and the fact that they are on night and day took some getting used to. But, that's part of the fun, huh? I just wish the dashboard lights would come on automatically at night. The $40.00 bucks for DRL? Well I've wasted more on other things.

Again good blog topic, thanks

Comment by Zippin Pippin on October 5, 2009 at 10:09am
It's my understanding that the auto wiper/ headlight's feature has been discontinued due to the excessive drain on the battery. Cars not run for a week especially in cold climates would lose their charge.
Comment by SMARTY on October 2, 2009 at 2:28pm
I WAS THINKing when i config that DRLs were just the headlight or just some light in the front of the car not the orange lights(park & taillights) the Only differance is the dash & interior lights come on when in ON mode /Parklight mode. Are the auto lights a part or program code?
Comment by Evan on October 2, 2009 at 1:30pm
Oh and the tail lamps being on is normal. Also in reply to Kevins post there has been a few complaint of burnt low beam bulb sockets and short bulb life but not enough to call for an update the bulb life they blame on shipping issues (i dunno i guess it makes sense in some ways). and with DRL so far a few cases have shown longer bulb life and not really many showing shorter bulb life
Comment by Evan on October 2, 2009 at 1:24pm
DRL are the same as having your headlights on based on production date determines if having the feature turns off your parking lamps...It isnt a wiring issue and the positive to it is some insurance companies will give you a discount for having DRL. That is why it is offered. And the whole specs showing they are at 50% brightness is only on models that have the AUTO switch on the light switch i believe
Comment by Pete Peterson on September 21, 2009 at 8:27pm
Info on DRL's
Comment by kdfcogwheel on September 21, 2009 at 4:42pm
On some brands of cars the DRLs are 50% brightness. The smartcar & I know my Volvo S60 are not them. The DRLs are full brightness and the taillights are always on. (Maybe some European thing.) The difference that I have noted between the two are that on the Volvo the fog lights turn off when you go to high beam. Not on the smartcar, the fog lights always stay on whence selected, dim or bright headlights. The only down side I would note is that the life expectancy of the bulb would be reduced. The smartcar, being rather small in relation to other vehicles, like my motorcycle have a small profile. Any aid to alert other drivers of my presence is a wise and safe idea. I for one do not trust the other driver, no matter how great a driver they may think they are. That's MHO!
Comment by SMARTY on September 21, 2009 at 3:44pm
Ryan, go CRANK your ride & check your lights!

also when driven down the street watch all cars with headlights or any beam of light in front of the carS driven & im most positve the taillights; parklights; headlights are not ON! cars equiped with the DRL SAFETY FEATURE ONLY! beams light of headlamps for approaching recognition, IN THE DAY sun shine.
It would be better if the taillights just came on in dusk light and auto shut off when the key is removed.

anybody know the code to that? :-?
Comment by Ryan on September 21, 2009 at 3:03pm
well.... i think i read somewhere about some whole process you can go through to disable DRL's yourself.... but honestly, why disable something you paid for? I haven't noticed whether or not my taillights are on when the DRL's are on..... but i honestly don't mind either way, nor do i mind the headlights being the same brightness. i don't think i've seen a car that had headlights that looked dimmer than they usually are. Think about it. the only reason headlights are so annoying at night and seem so bright is because your eyes are adjusted more for the dark. during the day, it's not so irritating. yes, it's noticable, but not as blinding as at night.
Comment by SMARTY on September 21, 2009 at 11:52am
IM SORRY but i still feel like those taillight should not be on & i have noticed that when flick to the on setting the light rays/beams are the same i think its a defect and will take it to the dealer 2maro for some kinda explanation. Because my off setting(lights) look no different from my on setting.

or just disconnect the whole setting (drl)

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