oK IM a little confused NOW! i have the daylamps and the headlight are always on right, i just found out today that not only the headlights are on but the taillights are on too. Now i know on my other car that has daylamps the taiilights are NOT ON! i thought that feature is just for the FRONT HEAD lights. Why are the tail lights on?
then if you switch the knob to "turn them on" the head lights go out in the parklight mode and they come back on in the headlight night driven mode. NOw the daylamp lights and the night driven head lightS are the same and they even shine the same - beam of light - Is this right? dont want my taillights on all the time. & didnt need to pay for daylamps when i could just turn on reg. lights and drive. Now that i know this its annoying - grrrrr!!!
Said i was going to take it in to the dealer for a few questions and now + 1 does anyone know if this is a defect or is that smartswiring? -wrong!

P.S. How many coins does a cabri coin holder hold?

ummmmmmm!!! mine only 2quarter d'oh!!!!


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Comment by Fred on September 20, 2009 at 8:48pm
The specs I saw on BRL said that the headlights were supposed to be at 50% brightness and nothing about the tail lights.
Comment by Ryan on September 19, 2009 at 10:55pm
Smarty.... and i guess Kevin as well...... DRL's are typically seen as an external safety measure to make your car more noticable by other people. In that regard.... it would be odd to try to make your car more noticable, but only have the headlights on during the day. those taillights are bright as ever, too.

Not sure how you say that they're not typical DRL's. don't remember seeing other DRL setups that had more, or less lights on than headlights and taillights.

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