my last fill up I got 33MPG (oh, and husband didn't drive it :-)... at least that's the city advertised MPG. new avg. is 31.8 w/ 3181 miles on it. Still waiting for that miracle change to occur @ 5000 mi. Still haven't gotten to take my Smart for a road trip.

Found out that my dad's Fit... the MPG calculator has been running higher than actually (calc. at pump) by about 10% (+3MPG), but its still beating my Smart :(

I really want to get a KIWI so I can monitor my real time MPG. (its cuter/cheaper than a scanguage... but probably not a versitial)

We've been having a problem with the back lift glass dripping rusty looking fluid when we open it. It drips into the car in back, and on anything else that is back there. Gotta get it checked out... but just haven't had the time.

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Comment by Jim VW on September 24, 2009 at 8:56pm
The back lift glass leaking water is a known problem and will require a visit to the dealer.

As for the MPG. well I can only say from experience, Both of my cars (2008 and 2009 Pure) had an improvement in MPG after 5K-7K miles. I am averaging right around 40-41MPG with highway driving mostly, hilly terrain and lousey weather.
Comment by Seumas on September 22, 2009 at 12:27am
I bought a device called an "ecometer" it tells you your mpg, average mpg, rpm, and speed. You do have to set it up a bit, you have to give the engine displacement. By default, its efficiency setting is set to 100%. You'll get wonderful miles per gallon at that setting, i know I did and I did not believe the reading for a second. I have since set it to around 80% efficiency and I am getting pretty close to gas in and miles out. I am averaging now less mpg with 11,000 miles on my smart. But of course when they say 41 hwy, I think they mean like 55 mph, not the 70-80 that I usually do :) and as of late I have been driving very spiritedly. But even with all my craziness I get around 37 mpg driving like a nut. I have gotten much better when I go visit family in Central Fla and I drive like a normal person putting around at 45-50 in a small town I get 45-48 mpg. But, driving normal here in Miami Fla won't cut it. You'll get killed by some road rage "A" hole who wants you to drive 25 miles over the speed limit. I just can't do that, I won't do anything past 20 mph over the limit :D
Comment by jaybudder on September 20, 2009 at 6:05pm
I definitely agree, the Smart is fun to drive... just looking at it makes me smile! Although in Florida, flat roads don't lead to too much excitement. I'm dying to test it out on a nice mountainy road full of S-curves! But I better do it with my sister, and not my husband... he just doesn't appreciate hights, and the last time we took a road trip thru the mountains, he kept his head in a book and held onto it with white knuckles.

As far as scangauges go, I want one so I can see what is affecting my MPG instantly (and my husbands driving ;) so I can improve my driving style, but like you I don't trust them for actual MPG... I think the miles out/gas in is definitely more accurate way to determine MPG, even the ones that are built in (ie... the Honda Fit) aren't accurate, or at least my dad's isn't.

Alan, do you know what your numbers were before you hit 5K? What kind of improvement are people talking about. Everyone says it gets better, but how much?

I tell people that its rated the highest MPG of any non-hybrid car out there.
Comment by Alan Brask on September 20, 2009 at 1:51pm
It seems like folks using Scangauge either report ridiculously high mileage numbers or are nearly suicidal due to the perceived poor performance of their Smarts. I'm convinced that there's something about the calibration of those devices that results in less than accurate measurement in some instances.

All I can tell you is, my Smart started getting better gas mileage sometime after the first 5K miles, and my calculations have always been based on actual "gas in and miles out." I have had as low as 37 mpg in city driving, and as high as 44 on the same commute (50 minutes of my drive is stop-and-go traffic and with about 10 minutes pretty much full out on a highway). I've had 50 mpg right on the nose on one occasion driving about 60 mph on a highway with no traffic, but generally speaking, I get more like 45-46 on the highway when I'm not trying to maximize the mileage.

Also... my experience is that using the air conditioning reduces mileage by a couple of mpgs, and enthusiastic driving (in manual, pedal-to-the-metal accelerations through intersections, hard cornering through S-curves and over mountain passes... in short, the fun stuff) can produce worse results. On the other hand, I know from experience that my last 8-cyl Mercedes could approach single-digit mpg results in the same kind of driving (although with quite a bit more tire smoke, engine noise, and other misc. drama).

When people ask me about gas mileage, a pretty much always say the same thing... there's no other "non-hybrid" are currently sold that gets better mileage, and you'll never have as much fun in a hybrid as you'll have in a Smart.

I'd just enjoy your car!

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