Another low MPG... 29.5 @ 3364 miles. Wondering if my husband is driving with a lead foot? He say's he's not... but it does seem to be lower when he drives, although its still not that great when I drive it. He drove it more than I did this time.

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Comment by jaybudder on September 24, 2009 at 11:12pm
I get in my car just after sunrise and then again just before dusk... so its not too toasty. (I practically live in my classroom, during the school year) I usually keep the air aound 2-3 and 68-70 degrees. Either way, its hot and muggy in Florida, A/C is not an option in this humidity. Maybe in Dec. I'll be able to cut the A/C.

I think we have 1 gas station that sell "no ethonal" gas, and its not exactly at a convinient location, nor on my usual route. I should try another gas station, our car has pretty much only know RaceTrac fuel for its short 2 month (3500mi) life span...
Comment by Aimee on September 24, 2009 at 10:57am
I live in Florida, too, and my mileage is consistently 38-41 mpg with all-town driving with moderate a/c use (25-50 mpg, some traffic lights). My lowest to date was 36 mpg, my highest 45 mpg.

If you have the clear top, make sure you pull the sunshade over it when parked (I also pull it when driving in midday), as that will help keep the a/c's workload down. Also, experiment with automatic versus manual mode - I notice no difference in mpg between a tank driven in manual mode and a tank driven in automatic (I use the gearshift, not the paddles; habit, I suppose, as I've never before had a car with the option of paddle shifters). But either way, don't let other drivers intimidate you into a jackrabbit start - slow and steady acceleration yields better mileage.

Definitely experiment with different gas stations; I've had higher mpg's with Gate stations and with Shell.
Comment by SE TX on September 23, 2009 at 11:59am
How often do you use your a/c? That will play a big part in your gas mileage. We live in SE Texas, near Houston, and must run the a/c every time we use the smart from mid-April until mid-October or later. Our gas mileage varies: 27 mpg - 32 mpg when using the a/c, 34 mpg - 39 mpg in the winter, when we don't use the a/c. Contrary to what several others have said, we get better gas mileage when I drive using the paddles, than when my wife drives in automatic mode. Our worst gas mileage occurs when she does most of the driving. 99% of our driving is in-town...we have very little need to take this car on long trips on the freeway. We've had our car for 17 months now, and have about 9100 miles on it. The absolute best gas mileage we've gotten is 39.3 mpg, back in January, and the absolute worst is 27.0, back in August. This does not seem to vary with the brand of gas used...we've tried Shell, Texaco, Chevron, Exxon, Sam's Club, and the local Stop 'n' Go.
Comment by Robert Stout on September 23, 2009 at 4:28am
Your husband lies like a rug....
Comment by Joe on September 22, 2009 at 11:40am
That mileage seems low to me, I'm not seeing really awesome mileage out of mine, but I'm seeing what I expect (37-40 in mixed driving, occasional tanks at 42+mpg). Here are some things I've found to suggest:

1) Mileage doesn't 'magically' get better at 5k miles. It will be better once the engine is broken in, and this will gradually increase your mileage as you get to 5k.
2) Change the oil at 5k. I know you don't have to do it until 10k, but the oil they put in the engine when it's manufactured is a little heavier than the oil they recommend for the car (this is, I believe, to help remove any small metal particles from the engine leftover form manufacture, this is a common technique for most cars). I changed my oil at 5k and saw a measurable (yet small) increase in MPG.
3) When at all possible, drive in "automatic" mode and don't manually shift. The shift program in the car is designed to shift at the most efficient MPG possible. While this means you're probably a little underpowered for some driving conditions, you are trading power for efficiency. Acceleration burns gas, simple enough. I find that if i need some performance I'll click a paddle shifter, downshift as long as I need to, then switch back into automatic at my earliest opportunity.
4) Don't drive with the windows down on the highway - this isn't a huge problem for most people, but open windows at high speed adds significant drag.

Finally, and probably most importantly,

5) Change your gas. From brand to brand gas quality varies *greatly*. Addition of Ethanol to standard gas also reduces mileage. Cheaper gas very likely has more ethanol in it. If you can find a station that sells gasoline with no ethanol, try that. Otherwise try a tank or two of each major brand in your area and carefully measure the results. There's likely not anything I can recommend to try other than experimentation, as gasoline blends vary form state to state and season to season.

Hope this helps,

Comment by jaybudder on September 20, 2009 at 11:21pm
Thank you for the web site... that one is nice, someone else had shared one, but it wasn't very good, I'm a graph it out person. Gotta tell you, my graph is pretty funny. I drive the Smart Mon-Thurs., and my husband Fri-Sun. Talk about up-down... its definitely up on my days and down on my hubby's days! I drive M-Th. & my husband drives F-Sun.

Comment by Tom Owens on September 20, 2009 at 8:16pm
I would also try different gas companies. My last tank I got 42 mpg (but it was very nice no a/c windows open just about the whole tank.) I also use fuelly on every fillup. I use shell 93 only (only a few tankfuls with other companies.) Just a thought. for my fuelly info!
Comment by Brabus007 on September 20, 2009 at 6:50pm
Smart Center in Orlando say 40 PSI Rear &30 PSI Front as the First line of defence for Low MPG... Check yours, and report back... Get a Good Gage...<:-)) Dearler delivered mine 10 pounds low in a rear tire...<:-((
Comment by Dan Hall on September 20, 2009 at 6:43pm
You must be doing something different from how the rest of us drive our cars. Do you use the auto mode or shift with the flippers. The auto mode gets the best MPG results. I routinely get 40 MPG in town and I really do not do anything special to obtain these results. I use auto all the time. Go to to get a good understanding of what is the norm for this car. Your experience is much below the average and potential for this little engine. You might want to have the dealer check to make sure the car is set up correctly and running right. Also, the engine gets its best MPG after logging about 3,000 miles or so. Your paticular engine may not come into its own until you have added a few more miles. Good luck, Dan Hall

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