Is it possible to buy a smart car and not know that you can only have one Passenger?

This question arose in my mind after reading a susai blog that complained of the car not having room for his friends.

The thought of this has given me a 'bad back, (from crouching over this keyboard). That blogger also has caused me to waste hours of my life reading and typing in comments. Now, I am getting writers cramp in my fingers from all this unnecessary typing. My electric bill is going up because it's now dark and I have to turn on a lamp. My Internet Service Provider is going to cap my GBs, throttle my bandwidth, and slow my download and upload speed because of all this extra usage, that the blogger has caused me to use. Now the thought of paying all these bills is giving me an upset stomach. I'll take some medicine and see if that will help. Arrgggh, the cost of the pills are gonna make me get another overpriced title loan. And I'll never get out of debt. Now I can't pay my phone bill, so my friends won't be able call me to have me take them places

If only I could have told that blogger BEFORE he bought a smart car, that he could only carry one passenger...all this misery would not be at my doorstep, IF only some nice guy like that blogger would have told me all this when I bought this computer, I would not be in this sorry state.

Maybe I should put an ad on Computer Trader and price this piece of #### for half of what I paid for it. Yes I can do that!

And I will make sure to WARN all the other owners of my fate so they wont be victims as well.

Gee, I feel a little better now that I've helped my fellow human beings, by telling my plight.

Oh, the answer to this posts title: Yes, just ask Rob.

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Comment by smart center Annapolis on October 16, 2009 at 11:05am
THAT was awesome! Please keep writing!
Comment by Andrea on October 16, 2009 at 12:42am

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