Can a Blog on susai be about other things?

Again, I thank smarttask for the inspiration. out ye Writer's Block!

Another very good question. Hmmm...let's see. Short answer-Why Not?

Much longer, more interesting and involved answer.

@smarttask "What has this got to do with Smart cars........................"

Do you read the sUSAi blogs? I assume you do as your question is directed to my prior blog. As you should have noticed the TITLE:"...And Now...Something Completely Different". Ring any bells here? Old enough to hear of Monty Python's Flying Circus?

A clip from your susai page:
"About Me
English but have been living in Italy fof the past 20 years. Also drive a BMW"

Nothing wrong about that, that's pretty cool, I think. So I'm attempting to get everyone to lighten up after the"Warning blog" that was posted, did you read that one? If you did the "Six Points" here will make sense to you.

1) The smart car, being small in size, has a FUN "factor", an "aura" of fun, as I see it and fun makes humans feel better. Most folks are in the USA are tired of the 'unfun' of driving to work every day. Isn't a Sing Along fun?
2) Many people are known to drive a smart car in TRAFFIC, so maybe the song can be a theme song for smart owners to sing in that traffic.
3) I feel that there are other smart car owners on susai that get weary of nothing but car talk and wouldn't mind a quick break to exercise the other side of their brian, oop's, I mean brain.
4) The video has nothing to do with smart cars, all those people couldn't fit in one anyhow...hmm...or could they (mad scientist laugh goes here).
5) The Video came with the Music, after you Read the lyrics, you can listen to the song with your "eyes wide shut" (thanks to Fred for reminding me of the phrase, and Stanley Kubrick for the movie title).
6) This is a little blog that you all can join in with...

Viva Italia, Viva Briton (not everyone in the U.S. thinks BIGGER is better) VIVA smart!

Did you get the Memo...about your TPS Reports...

btw, What does 9 pictures of a BMW got to do with smart cars?

ps Does THIS blog have anything to do with smart cars?

Happy you, until we meet again. Happy Trails to ....


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Comment by Zippin Pippin on October 18, 2009 at 5:07am
You're so funny, My tail is fluffed! :)
Comment by spicejax on October 17, 2009 at 8:23pm
My tail is wagging, how about yours? lol 'Any old Tale that you think will do'.

Comment by Carlito on October 17, 2009 at 7:54pm
I see the tail wagging... ;

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