We were on the "Orphan" list for only one month but we jumped at the chance for our little guy. Here's what they emailed their Orphan List ...

"Smart Center -- has just received a one of a kind smart that is available for immediate delivery!

This passion coupe has a paint scheme you won't find anywhere else. It is first come first serve, no deposits taken - come see it for yourself - it won't last the day!!

Hope to see you today!"

and they did see us that day. 30 min after they sent the email I was walkin' out the door with all 5 other family members. We were not the 1st to see it but the "others" needed to think about it. We didn't need to think much. We knew we were in for a 4 to 18+ month wait for an Orphan or we could pay the extra price for our unique baby. We paid. He's a unique Smartie and we're a unique family. Birds of a feather.

We get looks where ever we go of course and that sure makes it fun. We've had 4 neighbors come by in 24 hours to talk to us about the car. I love it! Of course the conservative religious family across the street hasn't stopped by but they've never liked us (don't know why they wouldn't like a 2 dad headed household).

In a few minutes, I'm gonna do the first night time drive around the neighborhood just for fun. I bought a connector cable today for my iPod so I'll be jammin' out.

According to Round Rock Smart Center Texas (thanx to Jordan for all his help), the official color is "It's Green" (which doesn't do justice to its Chameleon blue/green nature) and the only one in the U.S.

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Comment by Txharleyman on June 29, 2008 at 11:48pm
Please post a photo of the "chameleon" paint job. Thanks. Allen

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