Tonight, on the way home from iKea, some guy was beep beep beeping his horn behind me. After traveling in stop and go construction traffic I was in no mood, but when he pulled up beside me with his window rolled down and that eager look on his 20 something year old face motioning for me to roll down my window I couldn't resist. I rolled the passenger window. My son was with me and grinning the whole time.

The guy yelled, "What kinda car is that"?

I yelled back, "A smart car".

He yelled, "A what"?

"A smart for two", I responded.

"Who makes it"? he asked.

"smart! It's part of the Mercedes group". I couldn't help it.

"Where's the dealer"? he asked eagerly.

"Round Rock"! I yelled.

"THAT'S THE COOLEST CAR I'VE EVER SEEN! Thanks and sorry", he said as he drove off.

Both my son and I grinned ear to ear on the way home. I'm a rock star and he's the son of a rock star, who someday may get to drive daddy's smart (he'll be legal to drive the year I pay off my smart).

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Comment by Rmichael on July 3, 2008 at 3:06pm
Here's a smart commercial!

Comment by Rmichael on July 3, 2008 at 1:06pm
I think it was great fun but I'm afraid my partner wants the windows tinted so people who stare won't see him. Ha, we're kinda opposite when it comes to that. Rock star and rock stars shy partner.

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