EcoTek-1 Fuel Additive VS D-1280X Engine Optimizer Exhaust Emissions Reductions

EcoTek-1 is Twice the concentration to D-1280X, EcoTek-1 esters are fully activated and contain no fillers ot petroleum products. EcoTek-1 can deliver a 240% return on investment based on a minimum 10% increaase in fuel economy and a minimum 35% reduction in emissions.

Here is a quick lesson in the difference between the competitors product and EcoTek-1

EcoTek-1 vs D-1280X
1) D-1280X / Ester Based with Petroleum Mineral Oil Carrier
1) EcoTek-1-Ester based, no Mineral Oil carrier
1.1) D-1280X / Product consistency = inconsistent
1.1) EcoTek-1-Consistency - tested every batch
2) D-1280X / Esters are High & Low molecular weight non-active
2) EcoTek-1-Esters are combined and 100% Active
3) D-1280X / Esters High = Lubricity, Low = Solvents
3) EcoTek-1-Esters High = Lubricity, Low = Solvents
4) D-1280X / Ester Source - Unknown
4) EcoTek-1 / Ester Source - (Vegetable and Grain based)
5) D-1280X / Ester water content - some
5) EcoTek-1 / Ester water content - removed
6) D-1280X / Ester concentration's 1 gal = 1280 gal fuel
6) EcoTek-1 / Ester concentration's 1 gal = 2560 gal fuel
7) D-1280X / Price Point / 7 - 12 cents per treated gallon
7) EcoTek-1 / Price Point / 5 - 8 cents per treated gallon
8) D-1280X / Additional Features - None
8) EcoTek-1 / Additional Features - Combustion Chamber Catalyst.

Combustion Chamber Catalyst = An entire suite of patented, proprietary DOD / Aerospace tested technology that has been adapted and Incorporated into EcoTek-1. You have the improved ester formula in combination with a whole new technology adapted to benefit combustion engines.

CATALYTIC EFFECTS - Please see the attached picture and high resolution video for a visual explanation of the process after you read the paragraph below.

Because of the impurities in petroleum-based fuels, carbon deposits form along the surfaces of the combustion chamber, which will not combust at temperatures lower than 600oC. This becomes a problem because the surfaces of the combustion chamber stay cooler than 600oC, which means that these deposits will not burn off by themselves. These deposits are the problem. They are what cause your fuel savings or mileage or engine performance to drop over time, they are what cause you to have to use higher octane fuels, they are the primary cause of toxic engine emissions, they are what cause your engine oil to get dirtier faster, they are what plug up your fuel injectors, and they are what cause a decline in overall engine performance. EcoTek-1 Combustion Chamber Catalyst lowers the Energy of Activation of the rate determining step to 200oC, which allows the carbon deposits to burn off at temperatures as low as 200oC as opposed to 600oC.

Summary: Other key pieces of information about the new fuel additive;

EcoTek-1; Patent pending, Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency.

Has two elements that are already registered with the EPA and one of those elements is patented. Relevancy; prevents reverse engineering and counterfeit duplication.

4) Perfect additive for all bio-fuels.

5) Treats 100% more fuel to that of the competition.

6) Bio-degradable and is 100% ACTIVE = all elements are functional & add value.

7) Esters are made from 100% bio-renewable sources

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