35 min. on phone w/ supervisor & still NO RESOLUTION from PLX, now I have to email the CEO!

After hearing how "someone should have contacted you" countless times and no actual resolution, I'm getting ready to email Paul the CEO/President of PLX to see if HE can give me some sort of resolution for how his company has acted these past 40 days.
1. Web site falsely claims to have a $300 product "in stock" and "available now"
2. Company did not contact my husband after his purchase to notify him that there was a distribution issue overseas and that the product was back ordered
3. Company did not reply or make any attempt to contact my husband after his 2 emails in regards to the status of our purchased item
4. When we finally called to find out the status of our item, we were given the runaround and told it was "backordered"
5. After discussion with customer service, the web site was still not updated to reflect the lack of product
6. Customer service representative Derik promised that they would call me when the item shipped after they got them in the following week, I was never called
7. After being informed of the fact that there was an issue with the distributor overseas, I was told that he didn't have control over the website, so the "available now" tags on the web site remained... clearly by this point 35 days after our order, the company knew about the issue and was choosing not to update this information
8. Customer service supervisor (didn’t get his name) promised that they would ship the item OVERNIGHT to me, as soon as it arrived in the following week. Yet I just received an automated email not from PLX, but stamps.com stating that they had received "electronic notification" that the item was being shipped via priority, NOT the method I was promised.
9. Customer service supervisor assured me that he would “take care of it” these clearly were hollow words.
10. 2nd Customer service supervisor (Tim) gave more run around and “someone should have contacted you”
11. Supervisor Tim stated when asked why the company continued to make false claims about product availability that the web site hadn’t been updated, clearly this was not true since 2 new products were added since Dec. 27th.
12. Supervisor Tim could only offer to refund my $12 shipping fee, when I mentioned that other sites offered their product for cheaper he was then able to offer a $20 refund, this would just lower the cost to the amount they “authorize” their online resellers to offer. So the company knowingly charges more than other retailers of their product.
13. When I told Supervisor Tim I could get this product for $51 less than I paid for on their site, I was given the story that the other company had not been “approved” to sell it at that price and that they closely monitor the web and the sales of their product. And he could only offer the refund of $20 & $12 shipping. (but earlier he could only do the free shipping…)
14. Supervisor Tim stated that the most he had authority to do was either refund my money if I denied the package being shipped to me or offer me the $30 refund.
15. When I asked to speak to someone who did have authority I was told he had “just left the building” and that I could email him.
16. When I asked when would Paul (the CEO/President of the company) would be in so that I could speak with him, I was told his schedule was sporadic and that Tim didn’t know when I could call to reach Paul.

Clearly after my numerous phone calls to the company, it is the company’s policy to shift blame and take advantage of customers. No one in the company so far has had any control over the company and how it does business & no one is able to contact a costumer when there is an issue with their product & no one is able to get their website updated to reflect the lack of an “available now”/“in stock” item. No one has been able to offer a viable resolution to how the company has handled my order. They should be able to offer me something more than “the price I could have gotten it for from a company that they “authorized” the price to.” This isn’t even the full difference of the price that carparts.com was offering it for. Or to refund my money but first I would have to “refuse the package.” I want my product (which at this point it better be beyond perfect), I wanted it 35 days ago when it should have arrived and I want to not have been given the run around and lied to. I want the company to admit to their multiple wrongs and to actually make up for all this time I have had to waste to try to track down where my $312 dollars went! Especially since there is no product to show for it other than the stamps.com site being notified that the postage had been purchased (no not shipped, just electronic conformation)

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Comment by Brabus007 on February 5, 2010 at 12:10pm
Have your money returned to you, and buy one cheaper somewhere else...
Comment by Fred on February 4, 2010 at 8:35am
You have a much higher tolerance for this sort of thing than I do. I would have requested a refund after the first week of no response/ no product. Suggest you take your refund and get a Scan Gauge II.

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