5 Things You May Not Know About smart's electric drive

One of our favorite bloggers, ElectraGirl, is back with more insights on her smart electric drive. This time, she has created a list of 5 little-known facts about the vehicle. Some of her facts are more general characteristics that could be applicable to all of our models. However, these three points do a great job of illustrating features strictly associated with our electric drive:

"1. Pre-conditioning is built in - I so like the fact that I can pre-condition my EV’s without idling. In the smart electric drive doesn’t take long to warm up the car as it’s well insulated and small, so it’s toasty warm in just a few minutes. We’ve actually found that the car gets so warm that we are driving around with the heater set on the lowest level.

2. It has a Mobile Web App (that works on the desktop too) - I can also see my state of charge, miles to empty, approximately how long it will take to charge, whether the climate control is on or off. There is also an eco-display that lets me know how I have been driving – good to see how the child has been driving! Plus, a route planner that factors in topological data to make sure I know how far I can go with my current range.

3. It has adjustable, regenerative braking - It can be ordered with a three-spoke steering wheel and “Recuperation Paddles” so you can adjust the regenerative breaking from zero (coasting) to stage 2, 60% regenerative power. Although it would be nice to have the full regen as standard, the cars without the paddles default to stage 1, 30% regenerative power."

Were any of these facts new to you? To read the full article, click here: 

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