another great story of smart service

before i start please read my blog posted on june 30th of 2010. ok so here we go, this winter i was driving on the harlem river drive and i drove into the biggest baddest pothole on earth. it trashed the two rims on the passenger side of the car. not to worry i have the rim warranty. so i brought the car into benzel bush league for service long story short they replaced the rims............however no one recommended that i have an alignment nor did thy do one. they just replaced the rims. well two days ago i notice that after only about 21000 miles my front passenger tire is completely bald on one side. i took it too a tire place and showed them. they asked if i hit a big pot hole or something, and i said yes trashed two rims and had them replaced. he said well apparently they didn't bother to tell you need an alignment so this is what happened. needless to say wed i'm getting two knew front tires and an alignment. another great job by your service professionals at benzel bush league. the first day i had this car i brought it over to where my brother plays hockey and was showing the car to the guys, when someone asked where i bought it i said benzel bush, they laughed and said what ever i do don't take it there for service...... live and learn so if you are in the ny tri state area think twice about spending your money at benzel bush league there is smart of manhatten and also a dealership in clark nj. but be warned stay clear of benzel bush league of englewood nj. also know as smartcar of englewood...professional? i think not.....

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Comment by tommyk on July 15, 2010 at 9:47pm
well cup cup or put put or whatever must realize that they are not to smart. maybe the should buy a dumb car lol
Comment by tommyk on July 15, 2010 at 9:38pm
well cup cup or put pup or whatever needs to read the blogs better lol
Comment by tommyk on July 14, 2010 at 10:08pm
not two weeks
Comment by tommyk on July 14, 2010 at 10:07pm
well kevin i'm glad that you and cup cup or put put or whatever had a good time at benzel busch league but before you make yourself look like the dullest blade in the drewere you should make sure your read the blog and understand what your reading. like when i said i was driving on the harlem river drive last winter. well that was in jan. of 2010 which if you think about it its about it's 5 and a half months not two months summer starts june 21st so don't understand you two week thing. also you need to read my blog that i thought was june 30th but i now think was july 1st. so although you and cupp cupp , or put put or what ever had a good time at benzel bush league, you really need to read the blogs and understand what your reading before you look, lets say not so sharp. read it again, i said before you buy read my blog on june 30th, but i think it was really july 1st two separate problems read and understand, then comment thanks

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