Any other 2010 Pure owners have this problem?

Let me begin by saying that I have a Corvette in the garage and a new 2010 smart car in the driveway. Each car fills a particular niche in the automotive lobe of my brain. However, the vette has been out of the garage less than a dozen times since I bought the smart in mid-July. I do have a problem with my Pure that leaves me a bit perplexed with the attempts that have been offered me as a "fix".

I bought my smart from Buffalo smart in Williamsville, New York on 15 July 2010. It is a 2010 basic Pure. I must say the car is amazing; not a squeek, rattle, or wheez. It is just great to drive, BUT, at 300 miles I noticed the drivers seat had started to get "fuzzy" on the outside bottom and the outter edge of the seat back. The areas that would get the wear as you enter and exit the vehicle. I brought it to the dealers attention and they agreed it was a problem that should not be as this was a new car. They would fix it under warrenty. They would have to contact SmartUSA just to be sure. I told them that under no circumstances did I want the same material put in the car and that I would pay for the upgrade to a passion type material if necessary. They had an 09 Passion they used as a loaner car with red seats that I would settle for, just don't use that poor quality fuzzy stuff. Weeks and telephone calls and emails later (all very cordigal and professional - these are class people) I was told that SmartUSA did not see this as a "major problem" as they had only a few complaints(quite a few on the forums) but they would replace the seats with the originial Pure seats anyway. This is a new car, I don't want the same poor material as the problem will only reoccur. The dealer offered to put in leather for 10% of the cost of the car, awe thanks. Meanwhile, I received a telephone call from a survey company, whose name I have forgotten, responding to a survey that I had completed regarding my new car purchase. They were extremely concerned about the seats, so concerned that I never heard from them again. The dealer telephoned me as they had the replacement seat in stock. By now the passenger seat had started to do the same thing which I brought to the dealers attention. I have heard not word one from them on that seat, I can only conclude that they do not want to deal with it. I drove to the dealer to look at the replacement and they discovered that no one ordered the seatback. All they had was the bottom, which I do not want anyway. This was a month ago. I now have 2000 miles on my "baby" which I still love and sit on a problem that should not exist under any circumstances in a new car. Anyone else with these gray cloth seats that are getting fuzzy. If so, let SmartUSA know there is a problem they have to address. Send Jill Ladjdiak an email. Let her know we bought new cars that we expected to last more than 300 mile


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Comment by RallyRedY2KX on November 17, 2010 at 9:52am
I thought the same thing regarding the velcro, I don't have anything though.
Comment by Gregory Tripp on November 17, 2010 at 7:22am
I'm sorry to hear about the trouble you are having with your new smart. If at all feasable you may consider getting the comfort package upgrade which will give you heated leather seats, something that I think is great in a smart. Do you by chance wear any velcro type material when driving? This looks like velcro damage.

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