so, what happened to "Forest"? did he speak the truth one too many times OR did he simply promote the smart better than those PAID to do it? I for one agree with that. I know from first hand experience that smart centers come up with some really stupid ideas to "promote" their product. for me, it seemed that the 'brand manager' was more interested in promoting himself than doing something with the smart that would actually bring in potential customers. if other smart centers are managed similarly, no wonder the brand is in trouble.

I traded my smart off after 14 months of ownership, not because I hated the car, but because I hated the smart center. with the next closest center over 100 miles away, there was no way I was going to be driving a car that was to be soon out of warranty (20K miles in 14 months) with the possibility of having to take it there for service. I NO LONGER TRUSTED THEM. they lied on many occasions, not only to me but other smart owners and smart USA about me. I had done nothing but devote my own time to promoting the smart, coming up with ideas for meets and following up with the planning, only to have the 'brand manager' and the owner take full credit. I also procured merchandise from another smart forum to pass out as either gifts or prizes at a meet. had them shipped directly to the smart center brand manager, which he acknowledged he received. at the meet, he said he 'forgot to bring them' and would pass them out at the next meet. I attended the next meet and again he failed to bring the merchandise. no explaination was given, as he did all he could to avoid me. I asked for the merchandise back to that I could return it to the person who supplied it and he refused. where did it go??? later in the year I asked if the smart center would be interested in assisting some of us with a Food Drive. he said he would get back to me. after a month went by, I asked again and emailed a copy to the owner. the owner sent me a reply (meant for the brand manager) asking "who is this person and why is he asking about a food drive? we did that last year". then I got an email stating "sorry, but all of our funds have been exhausted for this year". I wasn't even asking for MONEY, I only asked for them to help with collecting FOOD. THEN I had a really bad experience with some warranty work that was to be done. they lied again to me and smart USA. I finally got the issue resolved with the smart USA service rep. even after that, the owner told me that if I had come to them first with my issue, they would have resolved it. BS....I DID go to them first and they blew me off.

like I said.....LOVE THE CAR, HATE the smart center. if only there was another dealer within 20 miles or so, I would still be driving my car. smart USA.....wake up. you can't afford to keep pissing off customers. you don't have that many.

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Comment by Forest on October 19, 2010 at 9:54pm
Oh, and I finally got a replacement t-shirt. I really was looking forward to "gloat trip"
Comment by jwight on October 19, 2010 at 8:44pm
More conspiracy theory...? Looks like he's still a member in good standing to me.
Comment by Forest on September 8, 2010 at 10:35pm
Hey, thanks for reminding me, Some south west dealer owes me a t-shirt

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