We are thrilled that so many people have made the switch to electric. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles comes fresh opportunities to innovate and redefine the rules of the road.

One etiquette inquiry that has popped up on a lot on forums is "charge rage." A member of smart car of America recently wrote, "This week, for the first time, I unplugged someone else. Is it ever okay to do that if they appear to be fully charged? A Tesla had been charging for 4.5 hours. It didn't have a charging light on, and it was over the posted limit, so I unplugged it."

Comments from other users formed the consensus that it is never ideal to touch another person's vehicle without permission. On the rare occasion that someone is using a charger without an automatic timer and has exceeded their limit, users conceded to the necessity of leaving a note to explain why the vehicle was unplugged. Nevertheless, this standard comes with its own caveats. In California, for example, it is illegal for an electric vehicle to occupy a charging station while unplugged so by unplugging another user, you run the risk of their vehicle being towed.

Plug In America, an electric vehicle non-profit, hopes to reduce charge rage by offering free dashboard charging signs that indicate if a driver is just 'topping off' or in need of a full charge. Using these types of communication can definitely reduce the risk of charge rage and ensure that drivers are able to effectively share station space.

We are curious what electric drive Insiders have experienced with public charging. Do you have any insights or advice for future policies?

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Comment by MacRat on July 10, 2014 at 4:28pm

I tried to convince a co-worker to go take a look at an EV Smart Car.

He looked up the specs and saw that it didn't have the 20 minute quick charge like the Fiat and that was the end of the Smart Car discussion.

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